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  1. Steliz

    How difficult would this be?

    Leftover from my house renovation I have a wood framed double glazed window and the wood/glass front door. The frames for them were destroyed when they were removed but I an thinking of re-using them at some point and I would like some advice on how easy or difficult it is to make a new frame...
  2. Steliz

    Tool ID

    I read a thread on here about an old Marples plane and realised that it had the same markings on one of my woodcarving chisels dating it to between 1862-1875. That inspired me to have a look at my other tools and see if I could find more information about them. I have a mixed set bought as one...
  3. Steliz

    Woodcarving V tool

    I don't know if there are any woodcarvers on here but I would like some advice from someone with more experience than me. I bought a used set of woodcarving tools which included a V tool. It has an unusual sharpened profile and I've not been able to find another similar profile anywhere on the...
  4. Steliz

    Router Maintenance

    I have a little Katsu router (bought after the recommendations on here) which normally gets very limited use. My current project required me to give it more of a workout than usual and during this it started to make a 'poorly' noise and then stopped. It wasn't particularly hot so I didn't think...
  5. Steliz

    What is the best solution?

    A friend has asked me to put up some (4) shelves in a corner in her bathroom to store her towels. She's happy for them to be made from Oak effect laminated chipboard available from the local DIY store and the dimesions will be 400mm deep by about 500mm wide. The problem is that the bathroom...
  6. Steliz

    Buying wood advice

    I've just been down to my local wood yard to buy the Pine for a Pergola I'm about to build (I'm not in the UK so bear that in mind). I was in there last week just to get a feel for the price and I was told that all of their wood was classed as dry even though it was only cut down 2 weeks before...
  7. Steliz

    Pergola hardware

    OK, so my next project is to build a Pergola. The concrete pad is already done (7.6m x 4.8m) and I've just started on the design which has a couple of site related issues that need designing out. The wood will either be treated Pine or green Oak depending on what's available and the price. I'm...
  8. Steliz

    Bandsaw Blade Blues

    I could have chosen any cut line through this piece within a 5mm range but no, right down the middle where the nail is. Brilliant!
  9. Steliz

    Drill bits for concrete.

    I want to attach my air filter unit to the ceiling of my workshop but I'm having some fixing issues. The ceiling is concrete with a coat of render (I'm in the basement) and the unit weighs 29kg and has 4 screw in hooks near the corners. I bought a set of 4 hooks with a 40mm threaded section that...
  10. Steliz

    Bandsaw Screeching

    I suspect this might be a bearings problem but if I can get input from the community before I get started that would be great. I have an extremely loud screeching noise that seems to be coming from the area of the lower wheel axle. It only occurs on slow down after I've switched it off, not when...
  11. Steliz

    Veneering question.

    A friend has asked me to smarten up an L shaped bench seat that fits around a brick wood burner. It is made of pine and has been coated with something non penetrating. It is in a bit of a state as the fixings had to be drilled out and the various parts are not flat. Initially, I was just...
  12. Steliz

    Wood ID challenge

    I'm usually OK at identifying different wood species but I was given this by a neighbour (locale: Hungary) and I assumed it was Beech because it has a similar colour. I decided to use some last week to make a small box and, once cleaned up, I can see it doesn't look like Beech at all. The grain...
  13. Steliz

    Damp proof course

    Has anyone heard of a damp proof course that is metal? To give some context, I live in Hungary and some friends have also bought a property here. Their house has a problem with damp walls and they got a local company to install a dpc as one wasn't installed during construction, which isn't...
  14. Steliz

    Best way to attach this?

    I want to attach these handles to the drawer fronts of a coffee table I'm making. They have an odd thread size (3.3mm or 1/8th") and I can't find anything to fit it in my local DIY place as it's all metric here. I could get some M3 threaded bar and epoxy it in at both ends but I'm not...
  15. Steliz

    Walnut Coffee Table

    This is my first attempt at a project of this size and also, my first attempt at a build post so, advice or suggestions on how to do either better are welcome. A friend gave me an entire trunk of Walnut which had been sliced into 50mm boards and dried in a barn for 5 years. In return for the...
  16. Steliz

    PT problem

    I have a problem with my Record Power PT260. It is a similar product to other planer/thicknessers that were available under different badges. The rollers stopped working so I checked the back of the machine where the motor drive shaft is connected to a pulley wheel by a belt. Sure enough, the...
  17. Steliz

    Is this joint strong enough to prevent racking on it's own?

    I'm making a walnut coffee table which will have drawers below the top and no lower shelf like this I would like to avoid putting any lower braces in to prevent racking so I need the leg/stretchers joints to be strong enough to allow this. Judging by a couple of posts I've found I should be...
  18. Steliz

    Server not found

    I don't know if it just me, as I can't find any other mention of it, but quite often (almost daily) I can't connect to the website and I get a 'server not found' page. Is the server frequently 'falling over'?
  19. Steliz

    Table top cupping

    I am going to make a coffee table using the Walnut boards in the picture which I was given. These two are the flattest and aren't too bad but the others are badly cupped, twisted and split. Once milled, how likely are they to cup again and will buttons be sufficient to keep the top flat on the...
  20. Steliz

    200 year old lathe

    I live in Hungary where woodturning as a hobby is not affordable to Hungarians so lathes only exist in a commercial environment and are nearly always engineering lathes. Today I visited a friend who took me to see a friend of his who did wood carving and turning as a hobby which is a very rare...