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  1. Robbo3

    Coronet Major

    Majors had 2 different spindle threads: 3/4" x 16 & 7/8" x 16. If you are struggling to match the threads then you probably have the latter.
  2. Robbo3

    Another Joke

    After spending a night in a very upmarket hotel, a businessman found he had been badly bitten by bedbugs. Extremely angry he wrote to the hotel's chief executive and received a letter personally signed by the top man himself. He said that never in the hotel's history had such a thing happened...
  3. Robbo3

    Another newbie here

    Conversation started.
  4. Robbo3

    Ringing noise with greater stick out?

    Do you have a thread protector? If not, they are nearly essential on Record/Coronet lathes to remove morse taper drives. Your photo shows the belt positioned on the flat areas. Hopefully the belt is ribbed & runs on the matching ribbed sections.
  5. Robbo3

    I have a wheel question

    Yes. IIRC 3/4" (19mm) used to be the norm. Even if you find a wider one, the shaft might not be long enough for it to fit or you might have to run it without the side guard on the grinder. Not recommended.
  6. Robbo3

    Coronet Major Headstock Bearing Adjustment

    Nope, but I do have a scanned copy in PDF format if you want to give me your email address. :)
  7. Robbo3

    Ringing noise with greater stick out?

    Definitely chatter. Could be that the tool isn't sharp but more likely that the work isn't being adequately held in the chuck. The jaws only make a perfect circle at one point in their travel & this is the size of tenon to aim for. It's not the crushing effect of the jaws on the tenon that stops...
  8. Robbo3

    Coronet Major Headstock Bearing Adjustment

    The manual states - a medium grade oil SAE 30 or equivalent.
  9. Robbo3

    Advice on paper jointed turning blanks please

    In addition to a ring centre & plywood ends, cable ties or jubilee clips should keep it together if the worst happens.
  10. Robbo3

    I have a wheel question

    As you have already got your tools to the required shape the idea is to consistently remove as little metal as possible to get the cutting edge sharp. So a fine rather than coarse wheel. White is the norm but there are also red & blue aimed at wood turners. Phil Irons, a pro turner, argues that...
  11. Robbo3

    Could not watch Youtube on my smart TV?

    Lots of gripes on the A/V & My Humax forums. You were lucky to get through on the phone it seems. - Humax youtube app problem - Youtube re-directing « My Humax Forum Humax also announced issues with iPlayer & termination of the Youtube app - Humax
  12. Robbo3

    Chasing down lathe vibrations

    As the headstock is inboard of the legs then it's not likely that the overhaning bars are a cause for concern. As everything runs smoothly until the belt is engaged I would look at the pulley alignment - if it's adjustable.
  13. Robbo3

    Chisel Honing Guide Recomendations Please

    John, some of us can't saw to a line let alone maintain an angle thus a jig gives us that consistancy. Even if I managed to not round over the bevel, by the time I needed to sharpen the plane or chisel again that muscle memory would be long gone.
  14. Robbo3

    middle of lidl clamp / rail £10

    I have 3 Parkside 10-12v tools from Lidl with batteries that are the shape of the tool body & fit on the end. Two failed to charge properly or would cut out but as they were over 12 months old Lidl would only refer me to the manufacturer. So much for their 3 year guarantee. No problem with the...
  15. Robbo3

    Would you go to all this bother to save twelve quid>

    It's a version of a Thien baffle. Much easier to make with some plywood & threaded rod. It's not what it collects in the drum that matters but what, if anything, gets through to the vacuum cleaner bag.
  16. Robbo3

    Spiral form on stand

    Wow! Derek. Mind boggling & very skilful.
  17. Robbo3

    Another newbie here

    Have started a conversation with you so hopefully you can reply with your email address for the manual.
  18. Robbo3

    Help with buying bowl gouge and roughing gouge

    If you only get one, choose a decent bowl gouge. You can use a bowl gouge as a spindle roughing gouge (a number of turners do) but you can't use a spindle roughing gouge for anything else.
  19. Robbo3

    Another Joke

    A philosopher, a mathematician and an silly person were out riding in the car when it crashed into a tree. Before anyone knows it, the three men found themselves standing before the pearly gates of Heaven where St Peter and the Devil were standing nearby. "Gentlemen," the Devil started, "Due to the...
  20. Robbo3


    The original post is no longer showing. Just a hyphen.