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  1. Garno

    R.I.P Nice victims

    So paying respect to the dead is against the rules, Just say the word and I will ask for it's removal, my intentions were not to offend you.
  2. Garno

    R.I.P Nice victims

    R.I.P to all the victims of the Nice terrorist attack, it is worse that they were slayed inside a church. There is no place in this world for those idiots that are responsible for attacks in the name of religion. My thoughts and heart go out to France along with prayers that one day it will...
  3. Garno

    The Chop, Sky History (Sky 123)Thuesday 15th 9:00

    Food for thought here, he may be a member on here.
  4. Garno

    I went to see my podiatrist today

    Go on I dare ya :devilish:
  5. Garno

    I went to see my podiatrist today

    And me :sick:
  6. Garno

    I went to see my podiatrist today

    Decided to visit my podiatrist today Didn't really think i needed to but hey ho.
  7. Garno

    Sold Brace and 4 bits

    He is also buying a spare 13 amp plug from me :eek:
  8. Garno

    Flu jab

    I rather like the "Another Joke" thread :giggle:
  9. Garno

    How good is Amazon

    Does that include leap years? :giggle:
  10. Garno

    Dying my beard without making a mess in the bathroom

    Hmmm ................ are we related? It's like looking in the mirror except you look less grumpy
  11. Garno

    The Wheel of Time at Last Begins to Turn

    Really happy for the great news you have had, now start enjoying life again :D
  12. Garno

    Dying my beard without making a mess in the bathroom

    My beard has gone past the grey stage and is now white. I look like an angry father Christmas 🎅
  13. Garno


    Reminds me of a particularly bad winter when I inadvertently .......... srry I still can't talk about it after all these years .......... :cry::cry::cry:
  14. Garno

    Buying from Amazon

    Thanks for the heads up on that Phil, I use Amazon a lot and had no idea what it was, I try not to click on things in Amazon as I always think they are trying to sell me something else, I shall most definitely try it out. Gary
  15. Garno

    No no no ..........

    This is somewhere that most definitely is not, nor ever will be, on my holiday bucket list.
  16. Garno

    Dare I look?

    I have just watched this and learnt some stuff I didn't know. Well worth a watch for a beginner like myself I think.
  17. Garno

    Just Seen This in an Advert

    I actually like it, The entry price of almost £100 is IMHO too steep. When you think you can buy tape measures for a couple of quid is it worth 50 of them ........ Nah Won't be long before the Chinese imports come in and selling a copy for a crisp £10 note, I will then get one :whistle:
  18. Garno


    I will soon be needing to buy some ply to make some cupboards in my shed, about 3 sheets I reckon. I plan to make a large rectangle with a ply piece in the middle to stop any initial bowing and secure that to the wall of my shed, I will then put in the dividers to make a series of compartments...
  19. Garno


    Just heard that the King of Spain has been quarantined on his private jet. So it's true then that ................................... wait for it "The reign in Spain stays mainly on the plane" Shall I just leave quietly ..............