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  1. Ttrees

    Andrew Lawton presentation

    Hello Just a heads up for those who haven't seen this. Jeremy Broun is in part 1 and 3 1cTm5I5IusA fOjnzihb0Jc mYwho1qHUiQ
  2. Ttrees

    Questions about fettling a rusty old panel saw

    Hello folks This week I have been mostly focusing on hand saws, made a stout clamshell for saw sharpening roughly along the lines of Andy Lovelock's. For those who haven't watched it... His youtube video is youtube titled Sharpening western saws, and is a two hour bonanza :) I have cleaned...
  3. Ttrees

    Just bought an angle poise / articulated lamp for £11.29

    Hi folks I was advising a recent member to get an angle poise lamp for himself, and suggested this one looks cheap. The large ones are not too common to find anymore. I see a similar white one for about £2 cheaper, but the dimentions are shorter.... Well I damn well hope the bars are shorter on...
  4. Ttrees

    Router operations, Is this safe?

    Hello everyone It seems that there is very few instructional videos on the subject of routing online. I haven't got the beans to buy some Roy Sutton DVD's, and even if I wanted them they seem unavailable ATM to purchase. Having watched a recent Matt Estlea video, he mentions that he will be...
  5. Ttrees

    Heat gun useful? Gluing in cold workshop and other stuff

    Hi folks I originally started a best heat gun thread in the Buying advice/Tool review section, As I haven't seen a thread about it, (admittedly I haven't tried searching in the archives, which I'm about to do) Scrapped that thought though, as it would be much more useful to have a thread that...
  6. Ttrees

    Ever saw linseed oil with another oil as an old recipe?

    Hi folks I have this special blend of oil for tools, and I have some concerns about using it. It definitely has linseed oil in the mix, I'd say its from some rare book. :roll: It is no good for me for honing as its too thick and will carry grit easily to the finishing stone. It does however...
  7. Ttrees

    Video content other than youtube and making accounts/privacy

    Hello folks Recently Trevanion shared a video on Jack Forsberg's instagram account. :D I had not known of the treasures that was bestowed upon me. The usual, but bite sized Wadkin chunks from Jack https://www.instagram.com/p/Bt_0CyPgI0m/ Does anyone else have more links to woodworking or...
  8. Ttrees

    Questions on making a long paring chisel from spring steel

    Hello folks I've been getting fed up working bevel down in awkward spots, whilst cleaning out old mortises on reclaimed door stiles. Enough to make me want to scracifice an nice old file for the greater good. Might have a mooch around for another file in the folks, will need grinding discs...
  9. Ttrees

    Budget Lidl arc welder review

    Just thought I'd post a wee review on this budget Lidl arc welder I've had for the past month... I bought this on a spur of the moment thing, as it only cost me 50 euro's, and it saved me slugging an old tablesaw base to the metal shop. I could not fit a bigger welder into the workshop, so this...
  10. Ttrees

    Induction motor end bell threaded rods replacement

    Hello folks I managed to snap one of the threaded rods that connects the motor assembly together. One of them was very bent, and was causing issues with assembly. Looking at the inside of the fan shroud, you might be able to see where the fan was making contact with it. I was thinking of...
  11. Ttrees

    Cleaning methods for pitted metal on a large item

    Hello folks Going scrubbing my tablesaw cabinet tonight to get at the last of the deep pitting, before priming. Been looking at various youtubes with vinegar baths, but not seen any folks using a wire brush and vinegar for the elbow grease version. Would vinegar work, or something else, even a...
  12. Ttrees

    Loose carpenters square, repair stock or make new?

    Hello folks The blade on my square is loose and needing attention. Not needing to fix this too soon, just querying if anyone here ever fixed their square? I don't mind making another stock, but would probably rather fix at least one, as I bought another two vintage ones recently, so acquired...
  13. Ttrees

    Uri Tuchman... talented, fascinating pointlessness

    I thought I'd share this here, this guy has a lot of skillz... cogs, levers, engraving and other Monty Python malarkey. Quite a bit different than anything else on the tube. Here you go 7DZc94SBF0g&t=917s&index=36&list=WL Sorry, video post won't work, here's the link...
  14. Ttrees

    Freehand metal turning

    Hello folks After reading a few recent posts here, it seems that this place looks jolly too :) I was thinking about posting this some time ago, but never dared rile up the metal forum dwellers. To top this off, I was thinking of rigging something like this up on my wood lathe. The mouse...
  15. Ttrees

    Silas Kopf marquetry furniture .....absolutely stunning work

    Doing the usual youtube rounds, and found probably the most stunning work I've ever seen on fine woodworking Wow is all I can say jRXrzJWIcOo
  16. Ttrees

    Masonry SDS chisel bits for nice rouging gouge?

    Just looking at some local tools online, and spotted some SDS chisels for masonry work, and remembered I have one somewhere :) Has anyone made a roughing gouge from one? If so it might make a nice winter project for me Thanks Tom
  17. Ttrees

    Max induction motor starts per hour with VFD

    Hello everybody I was cutting a lot of bits regularly last night, and became a bit concerned after reading on another forum that induction motors are rated for 15 starts an hour MAX. I have some query's about this, since a recent thread here suggests that the windings probably won't get as...
  18. Ttrees

    Radio repair in dirty metal workshop, component cleaning

    Hello folks, wondering if you can help me with this one.. This basic wee radio has seen me through quite a few metalworking projects, and is now just emitting a buzz when plugged in... I haven't used it in a good while, actually doing some woodworking if you can believe it :shock: and...
  19. Ttrees

    A different take on a bandsaw fence

    Hello folks Just saw this last night and I'm impressed to say the least! Have you ever seen a saw purposely set this bad, but still cutting this well ? I have seen a similiar system before at a Taylor guitar video, but thought nothing of it. It wasn't obvious that it would be especially useful...
  20. Ttrees

    Old brass hinges

    Hello folks Doing a bit of spring cleaning, and have been pondering about this for some time. I have a large box of brass hinges from salvaged doors and such, that I was thinking of doing something with. I had toyed with the idea of melting it down into bar or plate format, but I dont have any...