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    Marples / Record 145 holdfast collars

    I'm looking for (2 if possible) 145 hold fast collars, they have a 22mm ish hole. I have two mint collars in original packaging for 1 inch or 25mm holes. I'm happy to exchange or straight purchase 22mm hole - 145 collars.
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    Axminster TS200mm Table Saw

    For Sale: Axminster: TS-200 Table Saw (cast iron main table) TS-200 Leg Stand TS-200 R/H Extension Table TS-200 Sliding Table Kit, with cast iron table (never Used) Rip Fence Upgrade Shop Manufactured Drop Box On a mobile trolley stand with lock off facility Selection of saw blades, some...
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    Does anyone have a view on Rutlands flooring clamps. They seem to be the keenest price i can find, but what is the quality like? I would prefer a Maples/Record items, but the cost is prohibited. Rgs Aden
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    Mod edit:- SOLD. Trend Airshield Pro

    Trend airshield pro for sale, complete with visor overlays. Used a few times but I am really a half face RPE man Would prefer local pick up, but will post at cost. Location South Lincolnshire £90
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    Electrical Die grinder 6mm capacity

    I've recently been using a dremmel type machine with a 1/8 shaft Tungsten Carbide Burrs. I have been quite impressed with the way its moved stock away from some yew. Ramping this up I wonder if using a electric straight die grinder with a 6mm shaft tungsten carbide burr would allow for...
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    I am planning to make a steambox 5 ft, I have considered most of the possibilities of using ply and wood construction. I had discounted the use of plastic pipe due to heat sag. However, I never thought about twin-wall underground drainage pipe. So the question to the forum is, have anyone used...
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    Aldi Deco Style Universal Wood Care Oil

    Anyone tried this wood oil. Be nice if any of the forum members could provide some feedback on the product. In the past I've stuck to Treatex oil, but with the Aldi product its a big saving at £4 a tin, so I picked up a couple of tins to try later on. https://www.aldi.co.uk/deco-style-unive...
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    Hand Saw Refurbishment

    I'm in the process of refurbishing a old dovetail saw. In removing the saw to handle securing screws, I had to cut slots to enable me to gain enough purchase to unscrew them. Now I want to obtain a few replacement brass domed saw nuts, but at £12 for a pair delivered seems a bit OTT. Looking...
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    Wood pyrography machines question

    Because I have no knowledge of wood pyrography machines, could someone in the know, kindly tell me are they suitable for burning on aged oak? I have been looking at the Peter Child machine, but am curious by one on fleabay; http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/50W-Multifunc ... RkhRNaAhis . Has anyone had...
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    Ryobi EBS1310VFHG Belt Sander 100mm 240v

    I've just pulled the trigger on the purchase of a Ryobi 100mm belt sander, it was the last one I could find online in UK. Does anyone have any feedback on this item either good or bad?? I was going to go for a large Makita, but with separate purchase of a sanding plate and a suitable container...
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    Toolovation USA Woodworking Supplier now here in UK

    Just a heads up. I do buy from time to time items from USA websites. When I was trying to get a metric item from across pond I discovered this UK site selling our type of kit, made in the USA (well made in china for USA site probably nearer to the truth). I have no connection with this site...
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    What Electric Planer?

    My old electric hand planer has departed this life, after sterling service. What would the forum advise or recommend for a replacement <£200. Any good or bad feedback would be welcome. I quite fancy the Makita KP0810K 82mm or the DeWalt DEWD26500K Planer. (I don't know the warranty period for...
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    Irwin Quick-Grip 12" Mini One-Handed Bar Clamp

    May be of interest to folk, Screwfix are doing two of these clamp for under a tenner. I bought 4 and they worked well. Don't know if there the best price out there, but they best I could find, and they were local. No I have no connection to Screwfix, other than a customer. Regards Aden
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    OSB for Kitchen Unit Doors??

    My lad who having discovered edgy (his word) interior decoration, would like to have his kitchen unit doors made out of 18mm OSB boards. I don't see any problems making and sealing them, but wondered if anyone out there has any pointers or foresees any issues with using this material. The...
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    32mm Coil Nails for Bostitch N66C-2-E

    Does anyone know where I can buy 32mm Coil Nails for Bostitch N66C-2-E nail gun. I don't need the 16,000 full pack, but would like around 2,000. Or does anyone who has a N66C-2-E use an alternative nail. Regards Aden
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    Treatex hard wax oil

    Does anyone know what you can thin Treatex hard wax oil with? I have half a tin that's moved from a liquid to a sloppy paste. I know you can buy a Treatex thinner but the cost is nearly as much as a new tin. Kind regards Aden
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    Ryobi Compound Mitre Saw 12” TS-300

    This is a long shot my old Ryobi 12" mitre saw (possibly 20 years old from new) , needed some rectification (drive gearing to the blade has disengaged). To rectify the problem most of the saw had to be disassembled. That problem is sorted. I now have a problem in that the trigger mech system...
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    Concrete Raft Curing

    I wonder if someone can provide me so,me advice on concrete raft curing. I laid yesterday a concrete raft for a new shed the raft size is 12ft X 7ft, the thickness varies but overall is is about 4 inches. The sub base is a mixture of sound concrete and well compacted sand/ballast. I used a 1...
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    Floor Concrete Advice

    I'm just in the process of laying out a new shed. I've dug out some strip footings and plan to float a new raft when the first brick course is laid. I am using part of an old concrete raft that has been down for a 15 years, the raft is in good condition, and I have cleaned it up further by...
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    HSS Fluted Bar

    With the ever increasing cost of woodturning gouges, is it possible to purchase 3/8 and 1/2 inch fluted HSS bar. If so does anyone have a contact for a supplier. Regards Aden