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    new bandsaw setup spot whats wrong

    Hello everyone i seem to be chasing my tail on this one ive been at this for 2 days just tryin to set it up gaah When i got it first the wheels seemed to be coplanar ..but the blade was riding on the inside of both tyres, and the teeth was cutting into the camber The lower guide bracket...
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    Resaw 101 (very through)

    Here is the best resaw thread that ive seen its very through with plenty of good pics enjoy http://www.luthiercom.org/phpBB3/viewto ... ?f=56&t=50
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    Should I get a lie neilson plane video

    http://giantcypress.net/post/1487152382 ... -hand-tool :P
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    robot coupe SPINDLE SANDER shaft too short (food processor)

    Hello there i recently salvaged a broken robot coupe for those who dont know what this is ..... its a heavy duty food processer thats got a 250w motor in it and around 2 inches long of a 1/2" stainless hex shaft I plan to turn it into a spindle sander (ive heard that at this rpm burns the...
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    Lenox woodmaster CT blades .any sources in europe?

    Hello i was told by a rep of a bandsaw company that you can get lenox blades in europe altough he never heard of the woodmaster CT I was looking but i cant seem to find the woodmaster CT anybody know a source or anyone know of a equal carbide tipped blade ? thanks tomas
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    MOBILE BASE startrite 502e/big bandsaw-BAD FLOOR

    Hello I just got a 502e yesterday.. its 200kg I didnt buy the wheel kit becuase i was thinking of making my own/broke And glad i did not now because it looked a bit tippy (i could be wrong) I didnt see any kind of wheel kit but presume its the same as the record power one which ive only...