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    Help with machining sockets

    Hello I have treated myself to a shiny new drill press - a Nova Voyager dvr - that is very nice (and clever). My previous drill press was a Record Power model that I was happy with for years. The Voyager has more power and lots of electronic wizardry that is great, but one change I am less...
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    Sold Victorian Architectural Details - FTAGH - “SOLD”

    This is the third book kindly given to me by @SBJ that I already have, so I would like to pass it on to someone who is interested. It is a reprint of an American design catalogue with mostly high Victorian architectural details. Please say if you would like it - I will cover the cost of UK...
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    Joyce - Furniture Making - FTAGH - “SOLD”

    Another book I was generously given by @SBJ - I have it already and so I would like to pass this on to someone who is interested. Please say if you would like it - I will cover the cost of UK postage, just please do someone else a favour in return. Cheers
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    Modern Practical Joinery - Ellis FTAGH - “SOLD”

    Hello I was the grateful recipient of a generous book clear-out by @SBJ a while ago. I have only just got my hands on them due to our pandemic situation. Anyway, I am just working through them - this Ellis book I already have and so I would like to pass on the one I received. In the original...
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    Scheppach planer feed rollers and Inca

    Hello This is possibly a long shot. Does anyone have some old feed rollers from a Scheppach 260 planer? I have a (mostly lovely) Inca planer thicknesser that is let down by the original knurled feed roller being worn. I also have a larger Scheppach planer with rubber coated feed rollers that...
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    Bed extension for Nova DVR XP lathe?

    Hello All This is a bit of a long shot. I have a (Record Power branded) Nova DVR XP large and have often thought I would get a bed extension sometime. Now I need one, it transpires that not only have Teknatool dropped this model, but the UK Teknatool distributor is in the process of being...
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    Airless vs Air Assisted vs HVLP spraypainting

    I am a hobbyist/enthusiast, not a pro, but I like to have the right gear for the job. I have got into spraying as vastly preferable to hand painting or paint rolling. I have a Fuji Q4 HVLP set up that I have used a lot. I have various accessories for it - the ones I use most are the 3M PPS...
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    Milling countersunk slot

    It's a long story, but we have some complicated projection hinges (all to do with the arched window and the annoying stormproof casements which was nothing to do with me btw). Here is one: The hinges actually work fine, but were not all installed very well (I did design them to solve a...
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    Screw Advance Box Joint Jig

    There have been a few comments about box joints/comb joints and related jigs - I said I would post a pic or two of the one I made. Steve Maskery has posted details of his jig with a nice how to video here finger-joint-advice-t94807.html I have been using box joints quite a lot and the more you...
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    Name that plane

    I had to dip into a couple of the toolboxes today - lots of wooden planes and moulding planes to sort through and get sharpened up (lots to learn there). I came across three infill planes that I thought someone may have some ideas about. I should say i am not an expert on old planes, but do...
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    What's that tool for?

    Well, I have commenced sorting out my late dad's tools; many of these were his father's or his grandfather's. I am not looking at these things as having monetary value, but they do have sentimental value to me and so i propose to clean up and use any that still have life left in them. I am in...
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    My router table and new router motor

    I have had a Jessem router table with Jessem Rout-r-Lift for some time. I have been very happy with it. I had my Trend T11 router installed and that worked fine, but I have always thought that it was unnecessary and wasteful to have all of the plunge capability of the router effectively going...
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    Easyscribe from Rutlands

    Morning Two points I want to make here: I received my daily email with a tempting bargain from Rutlands - today it is the Easyscribe for £16.95, previously £29.95. I thought that looks like a reasonable deal (see below) and was annoyed that I must have paid the higher price when I bought one...
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    Help with machining table saw flange

    Hello I am hoping someone may be able to help or advise. I want to modify a (spare) flange for the spindle on my table saw. A couple of pictures are shown below. I want to trim off approx 6mm from the face of the outer ring to accommodate a small adjustable groover set that will fit on the...
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    Flattening my workbench

    Paul's thread on retrofitting Veritas vices reminded me that I was going to post some pictures of my recent flattening of my workbench. I have had this for a few years, having bought it from the great Tom Lie-Nielsen himself at one of the (much missed) Axminster shows. btw, I definitely...
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    Home spray booth (lots of pictures)

    I promised a little while ago to post some details of my knock down home spray booth. In my case, the considerations were: knockable down to flat pack, transportable, capable of taking an 8ft wide unit/door, well sealed as it is being used initially in smallish rooms that have been finished...
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    Panel cutting service costs

    Hello all Big Mac asked me here https://www.ukworkshop.co.uk/forums/pain ... 39492.html what the cost was for the panel cutting service I had mentioned from Severnply. Sorry it has taken me a while, but I have not been at home to dig out this info. I guess the cutting charge must depend on...
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    Painting MDF bedroom units

    I thought I should post some details of some units I am building in our conversion project. This is a conversion of an old chapel hall where we have put in a new floor - the bedrooms have rooflights and to satisfy fire regulations there has to be a means of escape no more than 1100mm from the...