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    Anyone use one of these?

    A Tragonic controller. My latest late father-in-Law find. There is no indication of age, except its, 3 square pin plug and socket. It appears to be a variable resistor for single phase mains electricity. The instruction leaflet is in 6 european languages, so was expected to sell widely...
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    Sold Brace and 4 bits

    Made in England Stanley No.81, 10 inch brace, with 4 non matching bits, 1 inch, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4. There's at least another generation of work left in the brace, no wear is to be seen, except the loss of finish on the woodwork. This is sold on the understanding that it will not be "up-cycled" to...
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    For Sale Sliding Compound mitre chop saw.

    RYOBI EMS2025SCL chop saw, complete with dust bag, hold down clamp,both out riggers, and end stop. The laser light does not work. Again due to workshop going into storage, I cannot keep it. Any question, please send me a PM. for a quicker response. Collection from Fleet, north Hampshire. £125...
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    Sold Bench top Planer/Thicknesser

    Owing to packing up into storage my workshop, my Zipper Z1-HB204 planer/thicknesser is for sale. Comes with spare unused blades, and belt. Barely used push stick. Instruction books in both German and English The machine has seen little use, hence the dust! £125 collected from Fleet in north...
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    Eclipse 77 saw sets

    Need to reduce my collection of saw sets. After trying to create a time line for these, so few are dated, some have to go! Three with wide hammers £8 each with copy of instructions. One with narrow hammer £8 inc instruction sheet. Two spares/repair, one wide hammer, one narrow hammer, both...
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    Sundays haul.

    3 items for £2.50 Plane, have you spotted why I bought it? Yup, full length Marples blade and cap iron. The smaller clamp has an interesting modification. Makes gripping round items much easier. It's been machined in later, but is an idea worth remembering. The other clamp, was just...
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    How to wrap Noddy.

    Noddy is due to go into storage for approx 2 years. He's a late 1950's "Bendy Toy", but not the Sorbo type rubber, more a plastic material. Should I use tissue paper, news paper, cloth, or bubble wrap? Thanks Bod.
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    Garage finds.

    Going through the late Father in laws garage, I've come across these. L-R Polyclens plus brush cleaner, 2x2.5 litre cans, both almost full. Supertrol 001 anti rust fluid, 5 litre can with a price label of £8.80, 3/4+ full. Royal Snowdrift penerating oil. 1 imperial gallon can, again 3/4+ full...
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    Small wheels

    [attachment=0]IMG_0201.JPG 8 Wheels, 4 at 4 inch dia. 4 at 2 inch dia. Made by Hitchin Component's LTD. as used by Blizzard. £15 post paid. Bod
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    Silk purse or Pigs ear?

    I've just been given a new plane! The story is this was recovered from the company skip, by a friends son who worked there at the time. Unfortunatly there are no instructions with it, nor are any easily available on the internet. So I will go with the normal "Needs sharpening out of the box"...
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    Copper against Oak.

    I'm making a pair of oak boxes, in the lids there is an idea of putting an engraved copper disc. Think dogs ID tag. 30mm dia, 5mm deep, the oak at this point is 8mm thick. I'm making a flat bottomed hole with a router, and plan to epoxy the disc in flush with the top surface. The disc is pure...
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    Tool value?

    "I have an overwhelming amount of "stuff" and would be distraught to think my family went down that route so I've started listing & cataloguing my tools with approximate values and that has shown me just how time consuming and difficult it is." This comment from another thread, strikes a chord...
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    Stanley Yankee No. 41Y

    Anyone got one, and do you use it? How do you get on with it? I've just found one, carboot, don't know whether to keep or sell. It's got 7 bits with it, all is in good condition, works nicely. Seems the Americans like them, but I can't find much about them in the UK, none on E bay in the UK. I...
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    Eclipse No. 50 piercing saw.

    I've at long last acquired one of these, why I don't know! The question is. How do you tension the blade? All of my books mention Coping/fret saws, with sprung frames, none mention the piecing saw. Google seems to say it's a jewellers tool rather than a wood tool, no mention is made of what...
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    Dunsford Bros back saw.

    Following the Holtzapffell, this little saw. The wording on the spine is "Dunsfold Bros Newcastle on Tyne Cast Steel" This I take as being the retailer, rather than manufacturer, unless anyone knows more. The handle is very similar in shape to the Holtzapffell, but smaller, and made of...
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    Holtzapffell & Co saw.

    Last weeks carboot find. Found with loose blade, original split nuts would not tighten, but did come out, revealing the blade had damaged one of the saw screws stem. Two new split nut screws and a de-rust and sharpen, emerged a very nice 10inch Dovetail saw. Holtzapffell, went out of business...
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    Clock Forums

    Does anyone know of any English language clock forums, that have a section for Torsion clocks (400 day Anniversary clocks) I have a clock with a bent anchor arm! Evidence of at least 2 "professional" repairs in it's past. Before I attempt to straighten it, It would be help full to know, is...
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    Safety advice please.

    When using powered equipment, such as this https://www.axminster.co.uk/axminster-t ... der-505091 a belt/disc sander, should gloves be worn? Bod
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    Knotting, or how to stop the lid sticking on.

    I've used knotting before, and always run into the problem of the bottle/can lid sticking on solidly. How do you prevent this? Would a smear of Vaseline on the threads before first use work or ruin the solution? Bod
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    Prevention of damp in raw chipboard edges.

    I have to put an Ikea chest of drawers in a boat. What should I put on the raw chipboard edges, to keep any damp at bay? I have, varnish, paint undercoat, paint top coat, Danish Oil, could get PVA solution. Colour doesn't matter, non of the edges are seen. Bod