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    False Widow Spider Bite

    Working on my workshop external cladding last week and I got bit by a false widow. I have loads of them in the garden. The name obviously suggests its link to its ozzy cousin. But I never realised they could knock out a fit 50yold bloke. Three days off work, nausea, headache, lethargic, aches...
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    Ply Cut list software - Cut list Optimizer

    Colleagues I know there are other threads on which software to do cultists for ply sheets. But I just came across this free version which i've started playing with. Seems pretty good. So thought I would share, can't see it listed on here. Appols if someone has already posted. Cut list web...
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    Startrite 275 Dust Extraction Outlet

    Colleagues I own a Startrite 275 table saw and for a few years, my old method was to sweep up the chips from the sloped outlet. this became annoying over time so I decided to design and 3D print a new outlet that I can connect to my dust extractor. The internal edge of the door has a steel lip...
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    Wadkin Planer / Thicknesser 12" BAO/S - 3 Phase

    Colleagues Hopely, one of you has experience with the Wadkin PT machine, I'm in the middle of restoring and calibrating a old Wadkin PT. I've already downloaded the manual from Wadkin, but unfortunately the scan quality is poor. http://www.wadkin.com/products/view/182. Does anyone have a...
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    Shotgun Box WIP

    Colleagues I decided to build a wooden box for my Beretta over and under. The box will be posher than the shotgun. Can't seem to find any WIP's for a shotgun box so thought i'd share. i had some old antique oak. The oak had original animal glue joints, so i cut these out and re-glued the boards...
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    Ebay Scam or not ???? Advice

    Colleagues I have a lathe on sale on eBay. Its listed as collection only as its heavy. I have an email from a guy in Spain saying that he wants to send a courier. I would insist on payment first. But where is the potential scam? if i get the money digitally, then where's their angle. Could it...
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    Startrite Mercury II - What does this part actually do??????

    Colleagues Anyone got this machine. I picked one up recently and i can see if you turn this piece to the left it sort of locks the chuck shaft. Is that was its for or is it a brake for the shaft? When stationary its not actually very good at locking, so I was then thinking is it a brake for the...
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    Saw Blade Sharpening Jig

    Colleagues I received a Startrite saw a while back and it came with at least 20 blades. All of which we dull and needed resharpening. Up until now I've sharpened my saw blades by hand using a diamond file. Obviously a little inaccurate, and I also didn't fancy doing circa 20 blades by hand. I...
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    NVR Switch wiring. No idea how to do it!

    Chaps Just bought this off the internet assuming it would come with a basic wiring diagram. ya, well you pay for what you get. Anyone know how to wire this in single phase. Where does the live, neutrals go. ie using this you have a feed live and neutral, and a motor live and neutral. The...
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    3 Phase to Single Phase : Startrite 275 conversion

    3 Phase to Single Phase : Startrite 275 conversion from 3 phase using Single phase input. Colleagues The following is my take on how I converted a 3 phase machine and it is meant to help others on the forum as I note it’s a common question on here for all sorts of 3 phase motors. (The...
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    Eclipse Magnetic Block - Won't rotate

    Chaps I've picked up two of these magnetic blocks, but neither work. I have no idea how long its been sitting in its box unused. But I cannot rotate the lever to use. Anyone any ideas? can it have rusted up internally or has anyone experience of similar problem. I don't want to take brute force...
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    Box Build

    I decided to build some boxes for my kids, i then decided to build a jig which i found on the internet. Whilst Matthias Wandel jig is good, i thought i wanted something more simple. A few links were posted here which then triggered my build of the jig and then the box...
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    Home Made Drum Sander - WIP

    Hi Chaps Can't see any other examples on the forum (might be my rubbish searching) but thought i'd share my Work In Progress (WIP) photos. I see others have the same questions regarding motors that i do. Currently working on the body and shaft. See photos. I also have another topic for the motor...
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    Motor wiring ???

    Colleagues I've got two water pumps motors that I'm going to use to turn a home made drum sander using a V pulley. They are single phase, looking at the wiring, it does look to be yellow, red and Black. But a electrician friend of mine told me to ignore the colouring of wiring in a motor. Anyone...
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    Wiring Advice

    Chaps I recall we have one or two members who are expert on motors etc on this forum I have a small lathe that i wish to power using a fan motor. Its only a small jewellers lathe so this is plently big. But i have no idea how to wire it. I can see that it works on both single and three phase...
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    Axminster Planer Blade setup Jib

    Colleagues Anybody got one of these and tried it? I know there are a few topics on the forum allready on setup jigs, but i havent seen one that mentions these from Axminster? Anyone got a review worth adding. PS tring to do my Xmas list from Santa...
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    Holdfast for £49

    Holdfasts at Workshopheaven. £49 for 1 is steep but not sure where else they are available. http://www.workshopheaven.com/tools/Con ... ml#SID=398
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    Scheppach Chop Saw @ B&Q for £92

    Chaps I had to do a double take, my previous FOX chop saw went bang and I've been waiting to buy a new one assuming a budget of circa £300+ for nearest hobby version. I jumped at the chance when I saw this offer. For those like minded and interested check out your store. I'm in London and they...
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    Lathe advise - drunken ebay purchase

    Colleagues I'm sure i'm not the only one who has gone on Ebay and bought something because of the beer and the "i want one!" factor. Despite that i'm actually happy with the purchase. But some advice. 1. which chuck key do i need? see photos with metric dimensions. 2. Does anyone recognise the...
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    Charnwood Spindle Moulder - Router Attachment

    Does anyone know if the Charnwood router attachment/ sanding drums will work with this SIP machince, SIP 01576 http://www.charnwood.net/shop/product/r ... let?cid=25 They state it doesnt work with similar machines, but looking at them. They look identical, right down to the spindle and the...