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    Sliding wardrobe doors

    Hi I am about to construct a new wardrobe / shelf unit in our bedroom. I am planning to have full width sliding doors , possibly 3 or 4 sections one with a mirror on. I will probably make the whole thing from birch ply, it will have a few drawers and rails etc. all behind the sliding front...
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    Planer/Thicknesser decisions.

    Hi So I have decided to get a new Planer/thicknesser. A simple enough task you might think, but it is a confusing marketplace for the budget restrained consumer. I make furniture and hardwood joinery, sliding sashes, occasional hardwood doors, restoration/ listed building stuff. I am...
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    For fans of Japanese tools.

    I stumbled across this video series of a Japanese man setting up his smoothing plane. Fitting the Kanna to the Dai. There is no translation (yet, I hope someone can do one) but you can get the gist of it. there are other good clips on the same channel. He shows how to tap out a badly sharpened...
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    Another shed thread.

    Hello all I am planning to build a workshop when I move to my new property quite soon and have been using the threads on workshop design for ideas. I have seen the thread on building a workshop mikes way which looks as good a way as any but I have also been thinking of a SIPS structure . The...
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    The great vacuum extractor conundrum.

    Hi everyone. I am struggling with buying a new vacuum extractor. I will try to explain why. I have a nilfisk multi 30 which has served me well but is incredibly loud and I keep having to buy new hose ends as they wear out very quickly and can`t be easily bought near to me. Also I have no idea...
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    Ineresting videos

    Hi all. Just watched a few episodes of a web show called the highland woodworker http://thehighlandwoodworker.com/the-show It is obviously produced by highland woodworking as an advertising outlet and is quite advert heavy. However it does have some interesting stuff on it. I particularly...
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    Spindle moulder Questions.

    Hi all. I have to make 30 odd double glazed sliding sashes to install in a period property. The moulding does not have to be an absolutely spot on accurate copy, as I will be changing all of them to correct the many various unbelievable bodges of the past. I normally make my sashes using a...
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    What hinges ??

    Hello I have to put a door on to a framework built by someone else. I have put a couple of doors on already, just mdf with euro hinges. Like this. The opening is at a funny angle. I cannot use the normal Blum hinges I have used on the other ones and I am struggling to find a similar...
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    Wedding present box

    Made this for a wedding gift sort of his and hers drawers. American black Walnut case Maple drawer fronts Mahogany drawer sides Zebrano handles Leather inside drawers Oiled finish Not the best thing I have ever made but a bit of fun. Ollie
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    New Toolbox

    This is a toolbox I recently finished to go with my chisel rack thingy. (see photo) It is Hard Maple and American black Walnut. I did the dovetails by hand which took ages. Looked at a few metal handles but decided to make my own. Finished in OSMO oil. Really shows the grain off...
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    Home made bench cookies.

    I bought some of the trend version of the non slip `bench cookies` type things a while ago. I found them quite good but found the rubbery bit was not stuck on very well and moved around a bit during use, also its not that thick. I was repairing a wooden steering wheel which needed clamping...
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    Dovetail issue.

    Hi I have a couple of small dovetailing issues. I am making a toolbox using 20mm thick hard maple, 2 boards glued together to get the required width, having cut all the pieces to size I have hand cut the dovetails. The first question is how tight should the joints be ? currently I can tap them...
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    interesting video site

    Hi I just came across this site yesterday http://www.woodtreks.com. I have not thoroughly looked at it yet but it has a few good videos so far. I enjoyed the one about hearne hardwoods which looks like an awesome place . I had a chuckle at the disclaimer at the start of each video too. Hope...
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    Dust extractor confusion

    Hello I currently require a new shop vacuum/ power tool extractor as my old one has finally become too annoyingly rubbish. So I started having a look on the obvious websites ( axminster. D and M tools, ebay etc. ) for a suitable unit. This seems to be a confusing market indeed. I have noticed...
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    Vacuum bag on the cheap ?

    This may be a stupid idea but I wonder if it may work. My Mum has bought some storage bags for clothes and stuff, they work by putting clothes in them and then attaching a hoover to the valve and sucking out all the air. They seem to be able to hold quite a strong vacuum, so of course I thought...
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    Sharpening 71 1/2 blade

    Hi I have recently picked up an old stanley 71 1/2 router plane, and a spare blade. (£5 for the plane £4 for spare blade) The issue I have is sharpening the blades. It looks like the previous owner has been sharpening pretty freehand and the blade is far from square at the edge. Obviously I...
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    Stanley shooting board on ebay

    I have heard mention of these shooting board / plane combos but never seen one . unfortunately its too much money to just get it for fun. I would love to find one at a boot sale for a tenner though. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RARE-STANLEY- ... 577wt_1185 Has anyone ever used one ? Seams like it...
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    Restoring antique mahogany chest of drawers.

    Hi, I have a project to fix up a large chest of drawers. I have no problem with the carpentry side of the job , replacing a few mouldings and veneer and sorting out the badly fitting worn out drawers. My problem is in the tidying up of the finish. I have ascertained that the finish is shellac/...
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    Butterfly table.

    Here is my latest project. An extending dining room table with a butterfly extension in the centre and reciprocating slides. It is Quarter sawn English oak, with reclaimed Mahogany inlays. I designed it in sketchup and built it once the client approved the design. To work out the hinge...
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    Breadboard End Problem.

    Hello all. I have just joined this forum after finding much good information by browsing previously. I have a specific problem with some breadboard ends. I have made a tabletop from 6 32mm thick quarter sawn oak boards, with a mahogany inlay border, the top has gone well and is nice and flat...