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    I appreciate your input Andy but I like to keep things simple and don't want multiple browsers. I only use the phone to access the site occasionally. I'll stick with the Safari stuff the iMac and iPhone came with. I'll poke around and see what downloading options they have. Pete
  2. Inspector

    Making a beam out of lengths of timber advice.

    I built a deck with one level roughly that size. The built up beams to support the deck were made of 3of 2"x12" and a piece of 3/4" plywood to make it wide enough to sit in the saddles on top of the screwed in pilings. I built them in place, crown up, with glue and treated screws layer by layer...
  3. Inspector

    Oak reclaimed railway sleepers

    Don't do it. Ceosote, even old, is bad to breathe and even with a mask and dust collection you will kick up more down the road and breath it. As already pointed out the sand and gravel imbedded in the wood will do in your blades faster than you can replace them. Even carbide tipped will get...
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    Thanks for the reply Angie. Maybe it is the linked pictures rather than the ones loaded to the site, I don't know? This thread DIY Rail Square takes 30 seconds or more to load the first post. From what I can see by downloading a couple to my computer they are over 3.2 megabytes each and almost...
  5. Inspector

    Kids & phones, am I getting old?

    I thought the long form was Okay? That's what I thumb at least. Pete
  6. Inspector

    Would you go to all this bother to save twelve quid>

    With the cost of Miele Vacuum cleaner bags being what they are he will save a lot more. Pete
  7. Inspector

    Where to buy grinder wheels ?

    See if you can locate an industrial abrasive supplier. Talk to them about the kinds of tools and the steels (if you know) and they can get the wheels with the right bond and grit for your needs. They will likely be light grey but the colour doesn't matter. Pete
  8. Inspector

    Possible purchase... Info needed

    If you really need to verify the alignment Nova has a double ended #2 Morse Taper for the job. You can also find similar ones from other sources. put the taper into both head and tailstocks and lock them down. Pete
  9. Inspector

    Could not watch Youtube on my smart TV?

    Maybe the Smart TV knows you should be in the shop and not wasting so much time watching YouTube. ;)
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    Next Moderator Online

    For a while I have had issues with some of the posts being slow to download, pictures taking a few minutes to fully open. When I check the pictures I am finding them to be 3 plus megabytes each. I am in a rural area that uses wifi towers several kilometres away to get my internet from. These big...
  11. Inspector

    Possible purchase... Info needed

    I hate borrowing money but this is one of those occasions where I might have as long as knew I could pay it off quickly. If you aren't going for it you might want to let the members close by know so they could take a shot at it. I'm a touch too far away. Pete
  12. Inspector

    making a traditional front door.

    Looks good. Any worries about the knots loosening up and falling out or letting the wind blow in? Pete
  13. Inspector

    Possible purchase... Info needed

    That bed extension runs around $300Can and the chuck about $150Can. What the extras cost in your neck of the woods is something for you to chase down.
  14. Inspector

    Possible purchase... Info needed

    It looks to be a Nova lathe with Record selling it in the UK. They are good lathes and the outboard attachment on it here is about $400Can (240 pounds) on it's own. Pete
  15. Inspector

    FREE GIVEAWAY drilling machine.

    I can't believe a scroll sawer hasn't jumped on this thing. I think you should try and eBay it. Be better to see it go to someone than be scrapped. Pete
  16. Inspector

    Problem with Oneida dust deputy system

    I did almost the same screwup. I put the hose on the outlet side of the vac after emptying the bucket. :rolleyes: It's worse than poor suction and separation. ;) Stuff happens. Pete
  17. Inspector

    Problem with Oneida dust deputy system

    No but you can make them. ;) Pete True.......but you can make your own. Bill Pentz has a spread sheet that sizes and provides a pattern to cut and roll your own. Pete
  18. Inspector

    Problem with Oneida dust deputy system

    I don't have to say it. I have Clear Vue. :giggle: Pete
  19. Inspector

    Problem with Oneida dust deputy system

    If it doesn’t come apart easily to replace a gasket or O-ring I would tape it to see if that stops the problem. If it does then take the tape off and seal it. Pete