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  1. Angie

    Next Moderator Online

    @Inspector, now that I've limited the size of the images it may be better for you. Give it a try and see if it works better now.
  2. Angie

    Next Moderator Online

    The maximum uploaded attachment is 15,000 KB. It was smaller but someone complained that 10240 was too small, so I upped it. The maximum number of attachments per post is 10 The size is 1200 pixels horizontal 900 pixels vertical Thumbnail size is now 300 pixel square.
  3. Angie

    Test thread

    I am the only one that can convert a thread into an article. I think in a post somewhere I asked for one to try it out on, but I don't remember seeing an answer. (Or maybe I was dreaming the whole thing.) Can you give me one or two good threads that would make a good article and I'll try one...
  4. Angie

    New members

    At this time they can PM (conversation) on validation of registration. Was there a rule earlier that new members could not PM until after 3 posts? Not something I was aware of. Was it helpful, or not?
  5. Angie

    Edit Function

    Projects Forum still has extended editing time.
  6. Angie

    Kitchen dresser

    Excuse me everyone. I'm going to delete several posts and leave this thread about MikeG's build as it should be. And posting private messages and such is not acceptable by mods or members. I hope you will give me a day to try to clear this mess up. MikeG, I'm sorry your thread as become...
  7. Angie


    https://www.ukworkshop.co.uk/account/ignored Click on that link and it will go to your ignore list and show if you are ignoring anyone and who it is.
  8. Angie

    Edit Function

    @Trevanion, I've put back unlimited editing. You ask so nicely. :sneaky:
  9. Angie

    Member missing?

    1. Peter when searched comes up with 10. I changed it to 12 and still only had 10 come up. 2. Yes, you have to know the name and how it is spelled. Computers are picky that way and cannot guess a name due to the multitude of spellings that are now out in the various areas of the world or just...
  10. Angie

    Buying from Amazon

    I use it and will occasionally get an email enticing me to purchase something I have in my Amazon cart while I think about buying it. If I click on the link and purchase it, I'm doing it thru the Smile. I have a few cents each purchase done that way going to a charity of my choice. It does...
  11. Angie

    For Sale Lathes, chucks, collets, taps and dies for sale

    I hope you can phone him and get in touch. How this goes is a learning experience for me. If this is not resolved within 24 hours, I'll have to close it down and learn from it.
  12. Angie

    Another quirk

    Oh, is your stuff rubbish? :giggle:
  13. Angie

    Another quirk

    It's seemed to me that if LIke is +1, then a Wow must be more. At this time they are equal points.
  14. Angie

    For sale rules

    @sploo - in my role a "overlord" that someone gave me, I hereby decree that this is a one time okay to post what you've seen. I've got one I may be posting here in a bit. I have to find my PM. And guys, you don't want this settled any more than I do. I'm sorry it's taking longer...
  15. Angie

    List of threads which need to be stickified.

    That could be done if I get enough feedback about it.
  16. Angie

    Another quirk

    Wow has been upgraded to +1 reaction point. Now check. Sad and Angry to not give a point or take a point away. They are neutral.
  17. Angie

    Renaming Top Headers

    Start a new article anywhere here, then tell me when it's done. I have to promote it to Article status.
  18. Angie

    Renaming Top Headers

    Actually there can be more articles. In the projects I can make them articles and you can still post to them. If you click on one, you can go to the bottom of any of those and make a comments. Would you like Projects to be in the Articles so you see something new?
  19. Angie

    Edit Function

    You now have 2 years to edit in Projects. You now have 2 months to edit in For Sale Rest of it is 2 weeks to edit, and Supporting Members do get a little longer as a thank you for supporting. IF it is abused, I will make a post and change it to a much less time frame.
  20. Angie

    Edit Function

    Since I'm rather lazy tonight - is there one forum where the projects are posted? The ones that need updates? Never mind, it was hiding in plain sight.