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  1. Cooper

    Imperial vs Metric

    In 1965, when I was in technical school, we switched to metric, this made science tricky going from BTUs to Watts etc, just before GCEs. But in design and making the switchover was much easier. In 1975 I re-trained as a D&T teacher and in my first lesson observation the teacher in charge asked...
  2. Cooper

    How good is Amazon

    Has anyone done this? I watched a youtube about replacing nicad with Lion but there was such a lot of connecting to a complicated circuit board and spot welding that put it out of my league.
  3. Cooper

    Hefner angle

    Conic sections. Did you make the block like we used to make chess boards in school to get the sections at right angles? What is baffling me is that the dark curves are deeper than the light ones and that the curves are so even at your joins. I'm going to have to do some serious sketching or even...
  4. Cooper

    Hefner angle

    These are really impressive!! I'm going to have to have a think to work out how you put the curves in the bowl in the first picture. Do you put them on a lathe to finish? I am getting quite a pile of off cuts, of wood I can't bare to throw out but are too small to construct something from. I...
  5. Cooper

    Hefner angle

    I presume they are 4 concentric cuts stacked, is my sketch the sort of thing?. That is really very accurate cutting. Do you center the piece on a pin? Martin
  6. Cooper

    Hefner angle

    Hi George This is a really interesting idea. A picture of the saw set up while you are cutting a bowl would also be illuminating. What are you cutting your bowls out of? Martin
  7. Cooper

    Used hegner price

    I had Hegners installed in several school workshops and after the drill press they were the most useful machine. The quality of the cut, the longevity of the blades, the range and thickness of materials they cut made them well worth the full price in school. I used them in main stream schools...
  8. Cooper

    Cascamite WBP

    My father was a wartime mosquito night fighter pilot and when hostilities in Europe were over he was sent to India with mosqitos. There they were unable to fly them in action because the glue that held the planes together couldn't cope with the heat and humidity, when subject to the g forces...
  9. Cooper

    Long drill or extension needed

    Thanks Pete, you've saved me from possibly making a big mistake. Martin
  10. Cooper

    Long drill or extension needed

    I'm trying to make what I call a swany whistle, though it may be called a slide whistle. I've just got from Amazon a set of 300mm bits. I also go a 12mm centre drill. I held my Oak piece in the chuck and made a centre hole, then bored an 8mm hole all the way through a little bit at a time and...
  11. Cooper

    Making toys for 4 year olds

    I have twin 4 year old grandsons who I make toys for. My most successful is a paper dart launcher. I've made wooden helicopter spinners and periscopes recently. I also have a 2 year old grand daughter I have made a pull along duck and wiggly dogs. If you are interested in any of the pictures...
  12. Cooper


    I recently rediscovered UKworkshop’s forums, when the morning email arrived with the latest updates. For me reading the views, advice and banter has been a welcome alternative to my missed Sunday mornings in the Red Lion, where most of my weeks socialising used to take place. As the locals...
  13. Cooper

    Longer than usual wood drills

    As for straight line drilling in a lathe then a 1/2" lamp standard bit through a hollow tailstock will generally give good results. I used to regularly bore holes of 1 1/4" diameter using a similar method, daed straight up to 30" long. Hope this helps, xy A very long time ago (in the workshop...
  14. Cooper

    repairing a disc cutter

    Unlike most of you I'm a bit of a bodger, though I had success with a similarly frustrating problem. I was given an old SDS drill so I could dig up a lamp post in the garden. The drill packed in and after checking the leads, brushes and internal connections I couldn't trace the issue. I was...
  15. Cooper

    Longer than usual wood drills

    I also want long bits, so I can make slide whistles on my lathe, out of oak from a tree in my garden. I want to end up with a 12mm hole but presume I need to increase the diameter in stages. The problem is that all the long bits I've see have deep flutes, which I would have thought are likely to...
  16. Cooper

    Another Joke

    What a wonderful thing google translate is!!
  17. Cooper

    Australian squatters chair

    This question reminded me that getting hold of deckchair canvas at a reasonable price and quality is difficult. Our local market never has any and on line the prices are ridiculous. Any suggestions? Martin
  18. Cooper

    union graduate on castors?

    When I set up workshops in my D&T departments all the graduate lathes were always soundly bolted to the floor. I now have one, which I saved from a skip, it just stands on the floor but it likes to jig about a bit when I turn from a log. I would really worry if it had wheels. Martin
  19. Cooper

    Turning shavings

    Thank you for all your opinions, especially that its not just my beans! I think I'll add the shavings to the compost heap and not be so impatient. This is a wonderful forum, I wonder if there are any questions that don't get thoughtful replies. Thanks Martin
  20. Cooper

    Rare Earth Magnets for saw fence

    I have no idea what design of the fence you have in mind. However I used rare earth magnets with a class of GCSE students some years ago and we found that while the magnetism was exciting, the magnets were very brittle and if the screw in the countersunk hole was tightened a little too much they...