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    fence paint

    Hi My arbour was painted three years ago in Valspar and it is still fine, my big shed in Cuprinol four years ago and that will need a coat next summer.
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    Orbital sanders that discs stick to!

    I have a bosch 125/150 and it has never thrown a disc so would recommend.
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    fence paint

    Hi I would recommend Valspar garden colours, really good outdoor paint in any colour you want and it last, but put it on with a brush and not a dusting from a sprayer and I don't use Valspar for anything else.
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    Recommended mattresses?

    Hi there Well we have just gone through this process and spent ages looking at all the various ones available and the sales pitches before making a decision. We soon discounted the Sandra's and such and then before COVID struck we had visited several outlets to feel and try what was out there...
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    minimal thickness floor insulation?

    When using insulation board it is advisable to tape all the joints with foil tape, excessive gaps use foam first.
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    Where to source wood for joinery

    When it comes to making period mouldings I can recomend Infinity router cutters, from Infinity Tools - High quality wood router bits at low prices but you will need a half decent router table setup.
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    Kids & phones, am I getting old?

    When I was that age our toys were only just moving from clockwork to battery and the thermionic valve had not been challenged by the transistor. These days the "smart phone" has turned many people including kids into phone zombies who live in a parallel world with no interaction with society or...
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    Incra positioners

    Hi Mike Two confirmations on its rigidity which is great, so we have precision and something solid so now just to finish looking at all the options and if it can be justified expense wise because this would be an expensive route as an accurate fence leads to an accurate lift plate, etc etc!!
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    Hi If it was designed for Pc and Tv devices I would say that the obvious problem is the motor startup current and then the running current may still be excessive. You may have destroyed it! A better option would be a sensor that either detects magnetic field on the motor body or better a...
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    Incra positioners

    Hi PAC Thanks for the reply, that's what I wanted someones hands on experience now I will look at all the options and capabilities and see if it is something I will use. There seems to be several fences and add ons so plenty to research, shame the North of England woodworking show has been...
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    Wind turbine

    Have you a big enough garden in which to have a windfarm, you are going to need a few to power your house and even then you need the wind.
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    Flu jab

    I am not sure but suspect it will be if you are in the right age bracket, probably have to be in the reasonably well wrinkly group and not just a mild wrinkly.
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    Flu jab

    Hi Artie Yes don't want any hijacking but in my defence it is a vacine and in current circumstances also important, no good dodging the bullet and steping on a landmine !
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    Flu jab

    Hi You are all discussing the flu jab but what about the pneumonia jab, probably as important due to Covid and also available at places like Boots.
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    Incra positioners

    I need to expand on this a little, if you are just using the positioner on a router fence I cannot see any issues as the workpiece just moves across the cutter, but when you use the Jessem clearcut guides you are puting a lot more force into the router fence due to the guides, will this impart...
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    Router Table

    Hi To get round this you could fit a muscle chuck and then just an allen key would be needed.
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    Union Graduate motor upgrade

    Hi AKA Can you please provide some part numbers and suppliers because I have a use for an invertor that will give me both speed control and 400Vac output. I know I could run it from a digital convertor but that will not give me the ability to run the motor slower. I have tried finding one in...
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    Down the garden path...

    Steve I would blame the person who dug out, they have probably gone shallower than you planed and so I think your calculations were not far off, I used three 800Kg bags to cover an area that was 3.25 metres squared.
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    Incra positioners

    Hi I can see that they provide high levels of accuracy but what about rigidity? A lot of router fences are attached at both ends whilst the Incra is totally central and I wonder how much if any delection can be measured on the ends of a fence attached to an Incra positioner. The reason I ask...
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    Router Table

    Hi This is something I have played with and had many lines of thought. The AUK routers are the right design for use in a table rather than fitting a normal handheld router into one unless you want to keep taking it out so you can use it both handheld and in the table. The downside is they are...