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Trend T20 Biscuit Jointer

Submitted 18 years ago by Charley

Product Model: T20
Product Price: £139.95
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One of Trend’s newest tools is their T20 Biscuit Jointer. (Their first ever one) I have been testing this for a month now – and its performance? Surely if it’s made by Trend, it must be good? Well it is, it’s great.

It comes in a plastic case with a bundle of No. 0,10 & 20 biscuits, three spanners and a hook spring which aid you to change and setup the blade, a hex key to change the angle of the handle, a lubricant bottle and a dust bag.

It also comes with safety instructions and notes on maintaining the tool. I recommend that you read these before turning on the power tool.

The fence can be tilted from 0° to 90°, it has three preset stops at 0°, 45° and 90°. and is easily adjusted.
It’s supplied with a dust bag (which works.) Although – like all the biscuit jointers I’ve used – it doesn’t collect all the dust and tends to block easily. I always connect it up to my shop hoover which does a much better job.

I’ve had this tool for over a month now and every time I used it I was left with a perfect joint. It only takes a few seconds to setup (adust) and you’re away.
I can’t find any major faults with it & at £139 its a great buy. As biscuit jointers go, you can’t go wrong with the T20.

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  1. Nev Hallam says:

    I have this jointer, I bought it from an auction for £30!! It was listed as a trend planer. It was in brand new condition too! I like it allot more than the dewalt equivalent, I don’t like the dust extraction bag, Its attachment method is not good, I dont think it works well with constant removal. I think the handle works real well, I also like the depth dial, which clearly displays the biscuit size 0’s 10’s 20’s etc. I have only used this model and the similar designed dewalt, but like I said prefer this, It seems very duarable and solid. The motion of the motor has a slight kick to it, need to ensure its held firmly before plunging. Overall, very happy with it though. My rating on value for money comes from my purchase not sure of the RRP.

  2. randall says:

    I have this same biscuit joiner. I bought it in the USA ($50) and it is sold under the Freud brand. I think is is made in Italy. It has been a good sturdy workhorse and is a lot cheaper than the Lamello brand ($650 -$1800) that invented the system. Its been a while since I used the Lamello biscuit joiner in the shop at Uni. but I remember that it was Swiss and was well engineered. If you are doing simple 0 deg. and 45 deg. joins then this tool does the job well. My only complaint is that the depth adjustment is difficult to use accurately and sometimes slips if you forget to really tighten it down. Also the diameter of the dust exhaust fitting gets clogged especially if you are using it on soft wood that makes stringy sawdust. No extra attachments for angles other that 0 and 90 deg. I would buy it again in needed because of the price.

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