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Scheppach TS2000 Table Saw

Submitted 17 years ago by Charley

Product Model: TS2000
Product Price: £705
Build Quality:
Value for Money:
The TS2000 is my first ever table saw, so I took my time looking at all the models in my budget. I also looked over a few at a woodworking show and aftermuch deliberation over the three saws from my list – I finally made my decision; the Scheppach TS2000 saw was the table saw for me.

I ordered a custom package of the TS2000 from Rutlands and got the saw, the base cabinet and the folding extension all for £705 including delivery.

As my workshop is only small, the saw had to be portable so it could be moved out of the way when not in use. The TS2000 weighs 59kg so it’s manageable to lift without being too light to move around when in use. The folding width extension is not only a real space-saver but it only takes a second to lift it up and down when needed. You can have up to three extensions per side so you can expand the cutting table if and when you need to. The TS2000 is designed to be portable, the saw unclips from the base and then the base folds up so you can easily transport them both in the boot of a car.

The saw came in four boxes and was well packed. The instruction manual wasn’t as bad as I was expecting, It was quite easy to follow but doesn’t go into detail about the saw and assembly which I suppose you could call a plus although I do feel a few more details would make it better.

The aluminum table seems very tough and looks as if it will last for years. (of course cast iron would be better but you’re not going to get a cast iron top for £700 in this country!) The table without the extension is 610mm by 450mm and each width extension will add 250mm.

The saw is belt driven and is powered by a 1800w (2.5hp) induction motor, so it’s gentle on the old ears and cuts down on any vibration. With the 200mm diameter blade you’ve got a maximum cut of 60mm at 90 degrees and 48mm at 45 degrees. To gain access to the blade you need to remove a small screw from the top of the table & then the panel lifts up allowing you to remove it. Changing blades is quick and safe due to the fact that you can ‘lock’ the blade arbor by dropping the supplied screwdriver down a hole in the table top – a feature you don’t see on many saws.

The combination blade supplied with the saw is good quality but as this is my first table saw I bought a freud 24 tooth rip blade (LUO1M-AB3) to compare and there was a noticeable difference.

Although it’s not something I’m planning on doing, the riving knife can be lowered to the same height as the blade so with the guard removed you can cut grooves, tenons,etc. If you don’t use guards, this is another good feature as you can still use the riving knife.

Adjustments to the blade (height and angle) are smooth and accurate and are both done with one handle. One of the most important things on a table saw is the fence and the TS2000 fence is brilliant, it has a fine adjuster that allows you to set the fence to within 1/10th of a mm, a plastic magnifier so you can read the scale easily & it even has clips to store the supplied push stick so its always to hand.

With the saw you get a dust extraction hose that goes onto the blade guard and two adapters. I don’t have a dust extractor only a small hoover, so I’ve made a wooden adaptor which converts the 100mm dust port at the back of the saw to accept the small hose.

Scheppach have done a great job building the TS2000 from the powerful motor to the little things like the tool holder – it’s a well thought out, accurate machine and I’m glad I chose it.

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