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Quangsheng No 3 Smoothing plane

Submitted 9 years ago by Rockinghorse

Product Model: No 3 Smooting plane
Product Price: 79.95
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Hi Guys and Gals

I have been wanting to get a No 3 smoothing plane to add to my collection for some time. There are times when my Calvert Stevens CS88 4 1/2 is a bit heavy when you just want to clean up a small area.
My wife surprised me with the Quangsheng No3 I had been considering for a while, as a very welcome anniversary present last October.

Apart from one little problem with the supplied wooden box, which was smashed in the post, the plane arrived in perfect condition, further to this a quick call to the suppliers – ‘Workshop Heaven’ and they sent me a replacement box. Excellent service from these guys I have to say.

I was very imprssed with the plane, it was fair dripping with oil to protect it and all the parts seemed to be very well made, with slight reservations on the back iron, which is a fairly crudely bent piece of steel, but was well machined. After dismantling and wiping the excess oil off, I reassembled after honing the blade and was imeadiately impressed with the gossamer shavings it produced on several different woods, from Oak, Ash, Quilted Maple, Ebony and even Birdseye Maple.

I used the plane on several jobs leading up to December when I packed my tools away ready to visit my son in America for Christmas. On my return I found I had received an appointment from the hospital to have my right knee replaced on the 10-01-2011. Eight weeks later I was able to return to my workshop for the 1st time.

I reached for the No 3 and slid back the lid of its box to find it was covered in patches of rust. Now this was very odd, as it had been stored in my tool cabinet with the rest of my tools and none of them had a trace of rust anywhere. In fact the Quangsheng was in its box next to my Calvert Stevens ( also in its box ) next to all my Record planes which range between 20-45 years old and none of them had the slightest trace of rust.

I rubbed the No3 body over with a Garyflex block (120grit) and all the surface rust wiped off easily, but I was amazed to find that the the casting was pitted quite badly and may be too deep to remove. I will try lapping the faces on wet & dry but I am not hopeful that it will be possible to remove all the marks.

I am thinking that the castings must be of inferior material to say Record as none of them were marked. I had a No4, No5, No51/2, No 6 and No8 as well as No311,No 73 all on the same shelf and they were totally clean as well as a rack of chisels and gouges just above.

I will keep a very close eye on this plane as I was just about to purchase a rebate and a block plane from the same range but this experience has put me off at the moment. I would be interested in hearing from anyone else who has had a similar experience. At the moment the scores I have given below are because of this problem. The build quality is really very good but Im now not sure about the material quality.


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  1. davro77 says:

    Cannot give a review on the Quangsheng plane but in a past life was involdved with machine shops and various toolrooms. There are many issues involving the quality of materials and the manufacturing processes involved with far eastern manufacturing companies that many companies despair at purchaing new “kit” especially with the change and sell outs of our “local established” suppliers to equipment manufacturers abroad.
    When purchasing tools and most other bits and bobs I always followed my Grandmother’s advise – “buy cheap buy twice so buy the best you can afford”. Make sure it’s a reputable supplier that will change or refund the item with little fuss.
    Then again I have found that some of the better known branded products to have some issues as well.

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