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Perform’s Bench Top Jointer

Submitted 18 years ago by Charley

Product Model: CCJ
Product Price: £174.95
Build Quality:
Value for Money:

The CCJ bench top jointer is the first machine review from Axminster’s Perform range. The table is cast iron and 720mm long & the base is plastic. The fence can be tilted from 90° to 45°.

The guard is very good as it blocks the cutters away from your fingers and is easily adjusted to suit various sizes of timber.
The depth of cut is easily controlled by turning a knob. One good feature that I wasn’t expecting on this machine is a depth indicator, which is shown in the picture below.

I was very impressed with its dust extraction as it got 99% of the dust! The jointer comes with an adapter which allows you to use a small shop vac. As some of you may know, using a machine like a jointer creates a lot of wood chips and after a few passes your workshop is covered! That wasn’t a problem, even with my little Wicks vacuum.

I’ve been using the jointer for over a month now, mainly for jointing edges, but you can also use this jointer for planing bevels by tilting the fence. If you’ve got a thicknesser you could also prepare sawn timber.

All you can really ask of a jointer is for it to be accurate. Once setting the fence 90° to the table using a square, The Perform jointer was producing accurate square edges.

After running the edges of two pieces of hardwood a few times across the jointer & then dry-fitting the two edges together, it was a nearly invisible joint.

Don’t worry if you have a small workshop, it’s light enough to keep under a workbench and brought out when needed.

This is a great machine and it does its job. You’ll be happy that you bought it.

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