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Infinity Router Cutters

Submitted 16 years ago by Charley

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I doubt many UK woodworkers have ever heard of Infinity router cutters before. They’re manufactured in the U.S.A by a fairly new company called Infinity Cutting Tools which is owned by Corey Spann who set out in 2001 to produce high quality router cutters. He claims his cutters are superior to top brands on the market including CMT and Freud and when I was contacted by Scott Loven from to review these cutters I was happy to accept to see if Infinity router cutters are really as good as I’ve been told.

So what’s all the fuss about, what makes them superior? Well each router bit is made from solid bars of fatigue-proof steel, has a silver PTFE coating that’s been baked on, C2 micrograin carbide edges, anti-kickback design (where ever possible) and have a lifetime warranty.

Using advance and hi-tech equipment Infinity have made sure that every step of the manufacturing process is done to the highest standards and they don’t cut costs or corners on anything. The baked-on silver PTFE coating is similar to Teflon that’s non-stick and not only helps keep the router bit clean by preventing pitch build up but also reduces excessive friction which helps prevents the bit from overheating.

There are currently 53 router cutters in Infinity’s range and I’ve been told there are more being added to the collection later this year. I got sent two router cutters the 35-350 Rebate bit with bearing conversion kit and the 40-350 Roman Ogee bit. It’s hard to explain but they even feel and look like quality bits. In use they are amazing, the router glides along without using any effort, the cuts are really clean and when slowing down they didn’t burn the wood even with the big ogee profile bit.

The rebate cutter with the bearing conversion kit has 7 bearings allowing you to cut 6 different width rebates and even includes a bearing to turn the cutter into a flush-trim bit.

The cutting edges are extremely sharp and are carefully, accurately sharpened by a five-axis CNC machine which guaranties the best possible cutting edge. Infinity advise you not to re-sharpen the cutters yourself as without the correct equipment you can throw the router cutter of balance which could prove quite dangerous in use but as the router bits have been sharpen to resists dulling and assuming you take good care of them they will hold their edge for a long time not like the cheaper brands imported from China that go blunt after the first time you use them. There’s not a scrap piece of wood left in my workshop that hasn’t got an ogee or rebate cut into it and the bits are still like new.

Okay so they are excellent cutters but they must be expensive especially with the shipping from the U.S.A. That’s what I first thought but the two router cutters I got from are £15 cheaper then buying the same router cutters from CMT here in the UK and that’s including the $10.95 airmail delivery and they only took 5 days to arrive.

I’m glad that Scott has introduced me to Infinity router cutters. Up until I tried them CMT had been my favourite choice but now after learning about Infinity, trying them out for myself and seeing the results Infinity takes the lead, even though I’ve only been using them for two weeks its clear that Infinity’s claims are true and being even cheaper then the top brands in the UK what are you waiting for? Try them out for yourselves.

You can buy Infinity router cutters from Scott he has a number of the 53 cutters listed on his website here or you can view the entire range here. Once you’re ready to order email Scott with the item(s) you wish to order and he’ll reply with the shipping options and costs, for more information click here.


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