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Flex ABH 14.4 cordless hammer dril

Submitted 16 years ago by Charley

Product Model: PC 9877
Product Price: £213
Build Quality:
Value for Money:
Flex isn’t a very common power tool make in the UK. For those of who haven’t heard of Flex, they are a part of Porter Cable who are a big brand across the pond. Flex are based in Europe and were taken over by Porter Cable some years ago. Flex drills are actually made in the same factory and to the same standard as the Porter Cable tools; they are just in the red Flex livery.

The Flex ABH 14.4 cordless hammer drill is in fact the PC 9877. My first impressions of the drill when I took it out of the case and slid on one of the batteries were good. It’s very comfortable and the whole drill feels well balanced even though weighs 2.6kg.

It measures 265mm from the end of the chuck to the back of the drill and 260mm from top to bottom including the battery. It has a 1/2” (12mm) keyless chuck with 20 torque positions for driving in screws as well as a drilling mode and a hammer mode for masonry. The drill has a 2 speed gear box, the speed ranges are 0 – 475rpm and 0 – 1,1450rpm.

It’s supplied with a 1 hour diagnostic charger which uses impulse control for safe battery charging and 2 14.4v 2amp batteries. The higher the amp the longer battery will last. It’s also supplied with a case, manual and a double ended bit which fits into one of the two built in bit holders on the drill.

Unlike most drills, the battery slides on and off. It’s easy to get used to, secure and it doesn’t appear that it’ll wear.

Max drilling diameter in wood is 35mm and in steel 13mm. To test the 2amp batteries I did some tests in MDF and red builder’s brick. On one battery charge I drilled 72, 22mm holes in 18mm MDF using a flat bit. I then drilled 51, 5mm holes (44m depth) in masonry on another full charge.

In use the drill performs very well although I noticed a couple of times that the electric brake failed and the drill took longer to slow down, but it might just be my drill. The 2amp batteries last ages but they do drain down quite quickly when drilling masonry. I have used the drill for projects in the workshop including making the mitre station top and table saw outfeed table that needed drilling, counter sinking and screwing of around 200 75mm screws. It has also coped with on-site work doing a deck and installing a kitchen where it was used a lot. It comes with a big price tag at £213 which isn’t the most expensive in its range but it also isn’t the cheapest! All in all I think it’s a great drill and should cope with most tasks you throw at it.

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