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Electra Beckum BAS 250G Bandsaw

Submitted 17 years ago by Charley

Product Model: BAS 250G
Product Price: £198.95
Build Quality:
Value for Money:
Electra Beckum’s brand new BAS 250G benchtop Bandsaw has been in my workshop for the past 2 months, cutting everything I’ve thrown at it – accurately! Including shapes, tenon’s, ripping wood and thin slices of veneer.

It only took a few minutes to unpack and assemble the bandsaw. The build quality is excellent and can’t be faulted.
The 340mm x 340mm cast iron table is completely flat and can be tilted between 0 and 45° by loosening a knob underneath the table.

It has a 350W motor which is very quiet in use. The maximum height of cut is 100mm and the maximum width of cut is 245mm. It can take blades from 6.4mm to 12.7mm wide.

The two metal housing doors are opened with an allen key and there’s a 100mm dust port at the back of the machine. Unfortunately I haven’t got a dust extractor, (only a small hoover) but I clamped the hose of the hoover underneath the table to pick up most of the dust. (As shown in the pictures to your left!)

The blade guard is moved up or down by turning a knob above the guard. Turning it clockwise raises the guard and turning it anti-clockwise lowers it.

The upper blade guide has two side bearings and a thrust bearing at the back. I found the side bearings where a bit stiff to adjust but they seemed to get better after use.

The lower blade guide has two side blocks/pins and a thrust bearing. The instructions recommend to remove the table when adjusting the lower blade guide. You can adjust the lower guide with the table still in place buts it’s tricky…

There’s a mitre gauge slot in the table on the right-hand side of the blade but no mitre gauge is supplied with the bandsaw, you have to purchase it separately (£36.95). I’ve made my own out of some scrap wood. It can only cut 90° cuts but it works very well.

The fence slides along a aluminium track and locks in place sturdily. Although the fence is accurate, I would have been happier if they used the same fence design as they used with the BAS 316.

This is an excellent machine and is perfect if you want a quality bandsaw but haven’t got the space for a bigger floorstanding model. Weighing only 30kg it’s light enough to move around the workshop when needed.

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