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Dakota Deluxe Router Table

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  1. terrymck says:

    I too have the same table and have mounted a Trend T11 to it. This gives me the ability to use its in-built router lift mechanism. I also had an issue with a crowned phenolic insert but cured it by running my precision ground fret leveling beam with self adhesive sand paper over it. Sure it now appears to be scratched but I thought function over aesthetics was a necessity. Over time there has been no appreciable dipping due to the weight of the T11 so I’m pretty certain that the phenolic insert is OK.
    I’m also impressed with the aluminium fence and the only reservation I have over the fence system is the melamine faced MDF split fences. There did appear to be a step between in feed and out feed fences at the bottom edge. The out feed fence was thicker hence making it protrude further. Again running the fret leveling beam over it took off some of the melamine making it flush.
    Then I ran into the problem of the fence not being square to the table. When I measured the squareness of the aluminum it was perfectly square. However when I measured the split fences they were not. I think and upgrade would be to make some new split fences from MDF. For the short term a line of masking tape along the underside of the aluminum fence cured its out of squareness.

    The mass of the entire table with the router fitted is considerable, especially when I fitted a shelf made from kitchen countertop off cut underneath. It does benefit from fitting a mobile base to it to make it easier to move.

    All in all, considering the minor modifications I made to it, I thought the purchase was worthwhile – until something better comes along of course….

    • ipsgit says:

      I have got one of these and I too, feel that it is a great bit of kit for the money. One good point is that you don’t need a collet extention (+£50 ‘ish) like some tables.

  2. pond says:

    I had one of these for a while. They are excellent value for money but I noticed after a while with a heavy router attached that the phenolic plate started to bow, resulting in the corners turning up slightly and sitting proud of the table. It could be overcome by supporting the router’s weight by another method, but once it’s bowed it won’t straighten back.
    I made the mistake of attaching the stick-on measures to mine, mainly to ease squaring up the fence, but these soon started to peel and fouled the work. Again, removing and cleaning the adhesive off would sort this problem, or not using them in the first place.
    Overall a very good tool for the money and I did produce some nice work from it.

  3. carpenterchris says:

    Can you make your own Table saw this kind of way that you can just place your circular saw into plz

  4. bowled00 says:

    Just got my table- as above fantastic value for 90 quid all in & easy to assemble, very solid. Mine seems square, based on my clamp-on cutting guide along the 2 fences plus a hand square to check 90 degree from the table up the fences, though time will tell
    The metal fence is a lot heavier & solid than I expected, & so is the insert plate but I’m glad I read the earlier review about the grub screws- it’s true, they jump!
    I stuck the adhesive measures along the top of the mdf fences- using a combi square along the top makes it easy to read down to the workpiece (not tenth-of-a-millimetre accurate maybe, but good enough.

    Question though: I was going to upgrade from my 1200w 1/4 Bosch, which I’ll keep for free-hand, to a big Triton to mount underneath more or less permanently (I want the cutter change & wind-up’n’down from above as well as 1/2″ capacity). At about the same as a T11 would it be too heavy for this plate? Any thoughts on Triton generally?

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