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CCMS10 Perform 10″ Mitre Saw

Submitted 17 years ago by Charley

Product Model: CCMS10
Product Price: £75.95
Build Quality:
Value for Money:
Once I unpacked the saw, I set the saw blade 90° to the fence with a try-sqaure, by loosening the three screws which hold the saw head to the base, with an allen key. I could then cut perfect square cuts & could be assured that when I moved the saw to another angle and moved it back to 0° on the preset stop, there was no need to check it with a try-square.

The saw head slides down easily and smoothly once you release the blade guard lock, by pressing the easy to reach latch which is underneath the handle.

It has a very noisy motor so ear defenders are recommended!! Weighing only 14kg it’s easy to move around the workshop.

The saw has preset stops at 0°, 15°, 22.5°, 30° and 45° on both sides of the blade.

You can tilt the head easily by turning the large handle at the back of the saw.

The saw comes with two work supports – they slide into two holes on each side of the base and support the workpiece. You also get a work clamp which can be placed either side of the blade and secures the workpiece to the fence.

The one thing that lets this saw down is its dust collection. When cutting, the sawdust goes everywhere except the dust bag…

For the hobbyist this saw is great as it performs well & accurately and is good value for your money! If you’re looking for a budget saw you can’t go wrong with this one…


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