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Need to announce a new product, event, sale, course or just promote your business? Then you need a Premier Post – a new feature which allows you to post an advert on the forums with the potential of reaching the thousands of woodworkers who visit UKW everyday!

As Premier Posts are part of the forums, our members can also reply to your post, allowing you to interact directly with our members.

Premier Posts are highlighted at the top of every forum section, above the normal topics, making sure they get the best position on the page, giving them great prominence, being seen by as many as 107,000 different people each month (average unique, monthly visits over the past 6 months). A maximum of 4 Premier Posts are listed on a page at a time and are automatically rotated to make sure each post is shown an equal amount of times.

Premier Posts can contain both text and photos. Prices start from £25 for a one week listing!
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