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    Faulty zips on Dickies overalls

    It's not just you, the metal zips on mine failed too, both pairs of Redhawk overalls. I fitted a new decent zip to one pair then the other failed. It's not a matter of waistline as I didn't burst mine open the metal zips are shoddy and wear to failure with limited use. Sizing is way off and the...
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    Rounded over dovetail joint?

    Well that gives me an idea of how it will look. Also your project was a real treat to read and look at. Thank-you.
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    Rounded over dovetail joint?

    I'm planning on making a guitar speaker cabinet. All the usual hardware, corner protectors etc. assumes that edges are rounded over at a 1/2" radius. I'd planned on dovetailed joints and an oak carcass from some recycled panels just to look a bit classier than tolex covered ply, but I can't...
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    Genuine skill on display here - repairing a wood coach wheel

    Just to help me google, what hubs are common in Europe?
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    Projects to use laminated oak worktop material?

    Thanks all, It seems to saw better when cross-cut rather than than ripped. So chopping boards are a possibility, but they're a low value repurpose and not that easy to shift apart from as "gifts". I like thetyreman's suggestion, perhaps I'll just try and use the larger pieces as bar tops for a...
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    Projects to use laminated oak worktop material?

    I've a reasonable quantity of offcuts of laminated oak worktop material. The stuff made from grain aligned long blocks pressed and glued together faces glued ends finger jointed. Some useful lengths and sizes. 2 of sink cut-outs 900mm x 500mm (grain long axis) 3 of 2500mm x 300mm (grain long...
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    Where does fraud start?

    I think some competition helps focus trades in useful ways. If they're good then they will be able to justify and maintain business at premium charge through reputation and goodwill. If not then competition will keep their quotes lean. Up here there's a lot more work than builders result is...
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    "I only sharpen to what's needed for the task"

    I didn't say anyone's content was wrong or not useful. Some of the passion and prose style is definitely entertaining though, that combined with the interactions and disagreements was great fun. Mostly because no-one lost it and was rude. Please don't be offended. I was just cheered up by the...
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    "I only sharpen to what's needed for the task"

    I enjoyed reading this from the beginning... Is this supposed to be as hilarious as it is? Some sort of performance art? :lol:
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    A brace chuck adaptor

    Great idea! Put me down for one too...
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    Musically Beyond The Pale

    Fun thread. If you like Muse's electronica sound maybe you'll enjoy the Synthwave genre? It's a post 2000 take on an 80s electronic style, but massively influenced by 80s film and soundtracks Blade Runner, Terminator, Miami Vice, etc. I had no idea it even existed till a couple of years ago. I...
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    Draper 200mm Cast Iron Table saw £200 ?!?!

    Yes, I wondered if Jedidave had found a new deal this April?
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    Draper 200mm Cast Iron Table saw £200 ?!?!

    Where was it still available and at what price? I think it's £700+ on Amazon at the moment.
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    Water wheel design help?

    I don't want to rain on your parade, but if you're building anything you should check out https://www.gov.uk/guidance/new-hydropo ... -build-one . You may think you can do anything you like on a stream going through your own land or that your project is too small to matter, but the State may...
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    BLO finished wood getting mildewed in a cold workshop

    Sounds a great idea. Is the choice of thinner critical? White spirit? Acetone? Must you match the thinner with the one in the varnish? Thanks for the advice.