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    Good Woodworking Restoring Morgans, and a Karl Holtey No 98

    How ever small or big the improvement is I personally think that the magazine is better then it was 6 months ago, and surely if this is the case then it is going in the right direction. Of course you can never please everyone Regards Woody
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    notifications not getting through

    Hi Charley, I seem to be having the same problem as Mike, and his has started again too. The only trouble is I think that at least a small part of it is my own doing. Let me explain, as many of you will know for the last year or more I have been using my sons laptop, but since he returned...
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    How hard is sycamore?

    Matthew, I have used it a number of times for drawer sides, and I recently used it and rippled Sycamore to build a Kitchen, so IMHO, yes it will be perfect for your needs. Regards Woody
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    Car restoration advice sought...

    I thought so, but heh, sometimes the most obvious are overlooked. Let us know when you sort it out. Regards Woody
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    Car restoration advice sought...

    Hi MMD, I am sure that you already have, but if not, have you tried the Morris Minor Owners Club? Hampshire Branch, http://www.hockeym.freeserve.co.uk/ National Branch, http://www.morrisminoroc.co.uk/articles ... ers50.html They are a friendly lot and if anyone can help they can. The...
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    Dado cutters - Please, what is so dangerous about them

    As i was painful reminded a little over a year ago: we work in shops full of tools and machinery, where in one moment we can be seriously injured or worse killed, and this does not need to happen on anything that the HSE may or may not think is dangerous. So what is dangerous about dado head...
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    extracting mdf dust

    Hi Julian, welcome to the forum. Regards Woody
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    festool ANGLE GUIDE

    I'm with Andy. Its an excellent piece of kit. Regards Woody
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    Where to buy decent workshop apron?

    John I have the one with the pocket. Obviously i have not compared the 2 of them side by side, but IMHO the pocket is not worth the extra £20. Regards Woody
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    Vacuum Veneering Tutorials

    Ted, welcome to the forum. Regards Woody
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    Where to buy decent workshop apron?

    John, i have the same one as Ray, and it really is a nice apron. I know that it costs a few bob more then other brands, but this is a heavy duty apron, made of really thick leather, and as you can see it will even withstand weld spatter. Regards Woody
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    GWW - Is it just me missing the lack of projects?

    I agree that we do not want a magazine full of tests and reviews, but surely we do want a reasonable amount of them in whatever magazine we buy? After all if we are looking for a particular tool or machine they give us a independent view of what it is like. Just like "Buying Advice and Tool...
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    Happy Birthday Mike

    Happy Birthday Mike (Mike.C that is), have a nice one son. All the best Dad
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    Posting my first pic (** WARNING - 1.2 Mb Download**)

    Very nice Colin, very nice indeed. Regards Woody
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    Bob Gets a New Shed

    Nice one Bob, a lot of hard work, but it's well worth it. Regards Woody