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    Keeping Glue From Freezing

    Hi All, As it is now getting chilly overnight I am looking for suggestions as to how to keep my glues from freezing without having to leave the shed heater on. The obvious answer was to bring them indoors, however swmbo has just had a new kitchen fitted and my glues have been evicted. Many...
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    Ear defenders

    +1 for the Optime III. Very comfy and excellent noise protection
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    Lounge side tables, Stained Oak - Finished in OSMO

    Very very nice. Thank you for posting the wip.
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    First Serious project: Chest-On-Chest

    Another family heirloom being born. Very impressive bit of work.
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    Heating the workshop

    +1 on the oil filled rad. Pop it on 20 mins before going to the shop and its warm and toasty and can be turned down so that it doesn't get overly hot. Biggest upside is it substantially reduces the chance of anything catching fire.
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    Laser Measure - which one to buy?

    I use the Stanley TLM99, which was a reasonable price and has done the job well. Not only does it do the usual measurements but it can also work out areas and volume. As to accuracy it gives +/- 2mm, which for me was more than enough.
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Another excellent piece of work. They're some truly talented people on this forum.
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    Incra router table

    That was an excellent build which I will have to steal and add to the ever growing list of projects to do.
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    Veneered box WIP - picture heavy.

    I can see those boxes becoming family heirlooms. Thanks for posting the WIP lots of tips to take away.
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    Veneered box WIP - picture heavy.

    Double posted sorry
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    Elm and resin coffee table

    That is an excellent piece of work. I love the shape, colour and the resin fill is an added bonus.
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    Walnut and Cherry End Grain Cutting Board - Finished with food safe mineral oil and beeswax

    Thank you for posting this WIP, the boards look excellent and will no doubt be a constant source of people asking can you just do one for me when you get the chance :)
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    Which make of glove to wear in the workshop?

    I am fortunate that the screwfix KF320 gloves fit my hands snugly and I tend to wear them most of the time when working in the shed. Not overly thick and thin enough to do most tasks without the need to take them off.
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    Picture frame - Mahogany with Oak inlay and splines and OSMO finish

    Excellent piece of work. Thank you for posting the wip, I am learning so much from these.