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    Shooting board doesn’t work properly.

    Just a thought, how flat is your plane sole? I don't recognise your plane, if it’s not Lie Nielsen, Veritas or Clifton then you may have a plane sole that is not flat. I run any new bench plane over 100micron 3M finishing film fixed to 15mm float glass (if you order some make sure it is not...
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    Shooting board doesn’t work properly.

    A low angle blade is usually preferable for end grain and should be razor sharp. A standard angle plane such as your numbed 4 should still work well but you really have to make sure your blade is as sharp as you can get it and aim to take a very thin cut. Make sure the blade is well seated and...
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    This might be a bit too big for my one man 4m x 4m shop.

    And that’s a lot of resin.
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    Got any recommendations for squares?

    My go to square is this one Kinex Engineers' Square DIN875/0 100 x 70mm use it all the time, the longer arm is fairly thick which gives a good bearing surface for marking knives.
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    Bandsaw Buddy

    I used one when setting up my new (1 year ago) band saw. I put it on a fully tensioned blade and squared the tables miter slot to the blade. Worked great. I may have been lucky but the fence did not need any adjustment and I get accurate resaws deepest to date around 200mm.
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    Wood movement

    Have a look at Katz Moses’ YouTube on this. He is working with US data but the information is transferable.
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    What type of glue for a workbench?

    I’d go for Titebond 3 for its longer open time with a few biscuits for alignment and an extra pair of hands. I think the standard white PVA’s were/are prone to creep and would weaken when wet. However PVA’s like Titebond 3 crosslink as the cure producing a 3D matrix that is very resident to...
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    I love being retired.

    Retired, best job ever should have done it earlie, highly recommended.
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    Which pull saw for Christmas?

    If you don‘t have much experience of Japanese saws I would get an inexpensive one to practice with. You need a gentle touch don’t push the saw back into the wood for the next cut with any force or you may bend the saw. Let the saw cut its own way through the wood don’t apply much downward...
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    Quadrant bookcases

    Nice work
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    Which tools should I buy - cabinetmaking and house renovation?

    Lots of good advice from previous contributors. My most used tool is my bench, a split top Rubio style bench ( curtesy of Richard Maguire) it gives me many different work holding options and a solid as a rock, having your work held securely makes life so much easier. In general get the most...
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    Britain's Best Woodworker

    Misty good designer, but a woodworker? Her final piece looked good but single screws into end grain! I’d give it a couple of weeks of use at most before it fell apart.
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    Fire Extinguishers?

    Timely post as I am looking into a small fire extinguisher as well. I came across this Water Mist Fire Extinguishers - For Most Types of Fire looks interesting and I think this is the way I will go.
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    Britain's Best Woodworker

    I was very disappointed in the judges they appeard not to recognise or value the work Radha had done, I am with many here that feel the judges are just not up to the job.
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    Britain's Best Woodworker

    Charlie forgo to take account of the saw kerf, she should have cut the door in 2 first than current the circle. Misty appears to be relying on knowledge of designed items that use really simple methods of making. Radha is the only real woodworker there.