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    Pine laminated pannels

    Im looking to source a new supply of pine laminated pannels. My main customer has requested his furniture has less knots. (this will also help me as some of it gets painted) I use quite a few and was thinking of getting them direct from Sylvans but am unsure as to how knotty they will be and...
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    shellac and waterbase stain

    Hi. Im using vandyke crystals to stain some pine work tops prior to waxing. I find that this water base stain lifts the grain and even if I rub it down with 320 after it dry's the finish is not a smooth as I would like. I am thinking of using shellac sanding sealer prior to staining. Can anyone...
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    cold spray wax system

    I have a spray shop and until now have always hand waxed any items that required waxing. I am looking at finding an inexpensive cold spray wax system. I need to be able to spray Fiddes and Mylands spray waxes. I am looking at the Apollo Pro Spray 1500. I have never used spray wax before and...