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  1. Vormulac

    Advice sought about possible tribunal

    As for what Lons said, that may well be a factor, speaking to someone at the Agency yesterday they said that the Agency could have broken tax laws by not auditing the process sooner and checking that the loan had been used as intended. Certainly if they had come to me six weeks after the loan...
  2. Vormulac

    Advice sought about possible tribunal

    Nope, it started coming out of my salery in twelve equal installments the month after I received it. By the time they asked about it the majority of it had already been paid back, they asked for the balance and I paid it back immediately.
  3. Vormulac

    Advice sought about possible tribunal

    I am wondering if I have a case to bring against our HR department for harassment. Early last year I found out that the Agency I work for (I’m a civil servant) offers an advance on our salary to pay for travel cards – I do a London commute so it’s an expensive business and this sounded like a...
  4. Vormulac

    New Veritas Tool Steel - PM-V11

    Rob has always been forthcoming about LV's activity and approachable about related matters on here, and I feel it lends massive credibility to the company. V.
  5. Vormulac

    Incongruous film casting

    It's all subjective, true, but I loved The Fifth Element - it was like a comic brought to life :)
  6. Vormulac

    Next project: Window Seat/Ottoman - any thoughts?

    Thanks for the link, Dibs - plenty of food for thought there, what a gorgeous end result!
  7. Vormulac

    Next project: Window Seat/Ottoman - any thoughts?

    Hi Dibs, The original genesis of this project was indeed to be fitted into an angled bay, but sadly we have since moved to a non bay-fronted house, so it is as you correctly surmised to go in front of a bog-standard straight window. I guess making it as a free-standing item would probably be...
  8. Vormulac

    Next project: Window Seat/Ottoman - any thoughts?

    Hi folks, As it looks like I might eventually get my workshop emptied of other people's junk (mutter mutter long story) and finally be in a position to be able to do some work in it, my wife has requested a window-seat or ottoman (padded seat with concealed storage, at any rate) for her study...
  9. Vormulac

    Lidl wet and dry vac

    He plugged the power in to the power out and rode it home in perpetual energy glory!
  10. Vormulac

    Morticing by Paul Sellers

    Wow Kirk, where did you find that much Kryptonite?? :D
  11. Vormulac

    Incongruous film casting

    Everything to do with the Hollywood version of 'I am Legend' - all wrong and they appeared to have cast special effects from the early 80's instead of cutting edge contemporary work. Shocking.
  12. Vormulac

    Incongruous film casting

    To be fair, he was pretty spot on in Bill & Ted...
  13. Vormulac

    Cheap Impact Driver

    A battery drilll is a drill powered by a battery. A drill driver is a drill typically sporting a variable clutch/torque control allowing you to drive screws without stripping out. An impact driver works like a conventional drill (constant rotational force) until it reaches a certain amount of...
  14. Vormulac

    Time to stir up the metallurgy pot once more...

    In all seriousness, I look forward to hearing what you think of it, Rob - it sounds impressive.