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    High pressure laminating recommendations?

    We can do all 3, Paul 0780 2266699 www.rushworth.uk.com
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    Old Engineered flooring - how do you lay it?

    You need a Porta nailer,
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    Richard Maguire workbench

    You would have to be insane to pay £3000 + for a bench or incompetent at basic woodwork (the empoures clothes springs to mind)
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    Hard wood timber

    Hardwood supplies off Wilson road Hyton.
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    How to cut laminate ?

    Buy a laminate blade for your Stanley knife should cost about 50p
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    Re-saw what is this!

    A re saw doesn't have to be a band saw
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    Laser cutting of 1.5mm ply

    Can it not be done on a CNC router?
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    Any news on the latest system.
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    My Last Post Here !!!!

    + vat is indicated for the benefit of vat registered members as it makes the purchase cheaper, for those not vat registered it is Irrelevant as you pay vat on every thing anyway. Example say a tool @ £600 new = £500 + vat so if vat registered it's £500 as the vat is reclaim able. If not it...
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    My Last Post Here !!!!

    So should 3 phase kit be banned from for sale as it's very obviously commercial Also can we stop Sados whinging about their birds doing one, As it's definitely off topic.
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    My Last Post Here !!!!

    Chas it only classed as comercial if you only have a minimal.kit we do not.
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    My Last Post Here !!!!

    One rule for selling Festool kids toys and another for the real thing.
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    My Last Post Here !!!!

    Message subject: Re: Your topic has been deleted From: Noel Sent: Nov 03, 2012 7:47pm To: vally bar Message Hi, you're a business disposing of equipment. Please read the guidelines here: market-place-guidelines-please-read-before-posting-28-10-12-t54359.html and specifically item 1. Thanks...
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    My Last Post Here !!!!

    Message subject: Your topic has been deleted From: Noel Sent: Nov 03, 2012 4:56pm To: vally bar Message Hi, One of your topics called Machines for sale has been deleted Reason for deleting your topic: As per board rules commercial sales are not allowed. Please reply this message if you've...