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    Drill bit sharpening

    not used this..but is it any use? (home-made drill point gauge). http://www.homemadetools.net/drill-point-gauge
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    Interested in combining woodworking with a good cause?

    Hi Alastair, i'm interested in helping. cheers!
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    Polyurethane finish for oak table

    maybe osmocoat? wax based, designed for floorboards, so hardwearing. Tried it on an oak toybox/desk & looks great. easy to repair any chips, apparently.
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    Volunteers Needed - Teaching basic woodwork skills

    Hi James, i've sent you a personal message as well. Cheers!
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    Volunteers Needed - Teaching basic woodwork skills

    Hi James, I'm in London & would like to help. I might need some teaching on how to teach & some clever carpentery stuff, but can sand like a good 'un! :-). how do I contact you? cheers!
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    deWalt XR system

    for example: http://www.screwfix.com/p/dewalt-dcd785 ... ill/22854# is the XR series 'worth it' ? Do they really last that much longer than other LiIon drills? cheers!
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    A Clock made from Apple Tree...

    great story & fantastic present. writing the history on the back is a genius idea.
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    A long awaited job done at last!!

    Very nice! I had to have a similar tidy-up after untangling cables & cursing. Due to lack of space (and skill, it must be said :-) ), I made a kind of 'vertical pigeonhole' unit that stands on the floor. 10" deep x 34" tall x 15" wide, sides 1" decking planks. top & bottom, MDF back, laminate...
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    Car boot

    Nice! Jealous of the bits - for a brace drill, presumably? (they'd be £8+ down here :-( ). Love the sputnik thing!
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    stupid purchases.

    I made a bench hook wrong....by screwing down the 'depth' of the vertical bits!.... (in my defence, all I had was scrap wood, long screws and the holes were partly there anyway, because they had dowels in them before). It still works, though :-) Unfortunately, i hadn't learnt my lesson...
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    Glad I found this thread...hopefully going to order a few hundred pounds-worth of tools soon & this could have saved me a lot of hassle Cheers!