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    Wood mallet

    I've always fancied making one of those gigantic mallets they used in circuses and the like to bash in big marquee pegs. 5' handle and a sectional head at least 8" in diameter wrapped with brass or leather strips. :D

    Mitre Lock Router Bit

    Careful setting up is recommended, so prep some scrap the same thickness and fiddle and fettle till its spot on, but remember to recheck after a while as cutters can slip.

    Cutting openings in the middle of edge-glued solid panels

    A jigsaw is for cutting curves, it is not a rip tool by any means. The blade, no matter how sharp or supported is too thin and will follow the grain. Yes you can take it for rip, but very very slowly, and with no pressure. It has its place but kind of defeats the point of using a powertool...

    What's your Router Plane Style

    I recently bought a Lie Nielsen closed. With hindsight, i possibly should have went for the Veritas, due to the number and cost of different sized blades. LN asks about 40 quid, which i think a bit on the pricey side, though like the rest of LN, will be god quality. I've also a Stanley No271...

    Speeding up sanding process (seeking advice)

    There are a number of drum sander builds on you tube, something i keep meaning to do myself using my lathe. If you make anything, then the technicalities of it are not difficult for you. I cant see how 40 grit on an orbital sander is not going to very rapidly remove machining marks :unsure: and...

    Just looking for a quick to tip

    It's called a snail countersink.

    Replacing saw bench with bandsaw

    I've often though that the saw bench was a must, and even suggested on some threads that was the case, but now im thinking maybe not the case. I've an Ax saw, the TS250 and after having it about 5 years only recently fitted the sliding table, just basically for one job. The saw itself has a...

    Lathe Chuck Spacers

    Do you need the spacers to be there the whole time ?. Was watching a vid the other day and the engineer placed a flat bar across the chuck, placed in the billet for turning,tightened up, then slid the bar out. The jaws support the workpiece not the spacers.

    DIY router plane.

    Great timing :D I just picked up a bnib Stanley 271 router, to replace the one I have but snapped one of the screw holes, and was wondering what to do with it. The open end side is ok, and I was just thinking this evening of setting it into a nice piece of something to make a medium sized...
  10. TRITON

    You know when you spot something on ebay, listed wrongly and think you're on to a winner.

    Likewise. In many cases say it is or has an expected price of 100 and currently a tenner, many it appears will bid under 50 at the end, hoping to pick it up at the lowest price possible. I on the other hand ,even if im the current high bidder, will put in my final bid of 100 in those dying...
  11. TRITON

    You know when you spot something on ebay, listed wrongly and think you're on to a winner.

    The Lie Nielsen version is £180-190, which I'd rather have if indeed I was into collecting planes. The one in the auction going at that price is as you say people using it as a 'collectors' item, but as a working plane the LN is probably the better investment. And LN seems to hold its price...
  12. TRITON

    You know when you spot something on ebay, listed wrongly and think you're on to a winner.

    Seems you're not alone :cry: Listed as a rebate plane Unusual plane, thought I'd seen it before but couldnt place it, then realized it was a tongue and groove plane. Do I need one ? Nope, but you know..... :LOL: Watched, slipped on small bid. waited...waited. poised to chuck a larger bid in at...
  13. TRITON

    Old Planes

    Do you not find it a bit depressing, the sate of old hand planes I mean. I'm currently cleaning up a Record No 078 rebate plane and its the state of it got me to thinking about its previous owner, who must have bought it, and spent time flattening the back of the blade, and fettling it for use...
  14. TRITON

    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Finished mantle.... Well, I say finished, but i've to take it apart again, to reinforce everything not visible with glue and screws. I dont want bits falling off 50 years down the line. Plus I've still to adjust the columns so they stand upright as true and plumb as possible, and maybe redo the...
  15. TRITON

    I don't think they would believe it nowadays?

    A mates army trainer told them. " We dont have to train people to get low to the ground when being shot at. In fact you would cut the buttons off your shirt if you thought it allowed you to get closer to the ground" :LOL: