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    For Sale Harrison Union Jubilee lathe package 240v

    My old metal work teacher from my school days in the 70s made Northumbrian pipes and his wife made the bag and bellows. He would never describe himself as a pro but was a very talented bloke!
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    DIY lathe

    I have bought several small lathes Myford ML4, various Drummonds, Brittania, Faircut all decent enough machines for not massive money once cleaned up and sorted they invariably sell for more than purchased so keep eyes open for local bargains in the vintage section Re homemade lathes I once saw...
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    Teak Supplier North West

    Best solution is to try and source some old science lab bench tops- usually made from iroko which is a close relation of teak. Often the tops have a loose tenon of plywood bonding them together but with judicious marking out this can be worked around. It’s disgstuff to work with - carcinogenic...
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    Looking to replace framers manual guillotine

    I have an Orteguii pedal operated ORC100 with the sidebar and attachments like rebate support bars and a spare set of blades that I plan to sell sometime beautiful machine
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    Help identifying machine fence

    Hi Thanks for replying. it’s a Graduate lathe and I am pretty familiar with that it’s definitely not a lathe part. It came out of a small shed and was one of the last things removed I have no idea what else had been there. Yes to it being a bandsaw fence but I wondered if it had come from a...
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    Help identifying machine fence

    Hi I collected a lathe the other day and in with the various bits and pieces was a fence from an old machine. It’s cast and 10.5” long I wonder if anyone can identify what it’s from and then hopefully it can go somewhere to be used, it’s of no use to me so happy to pass on for postage if anyone...
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    Anchracite Walls for a workshop

    my double garage under the house was all grey when we moved in - concrete floor, concrete block walls and block and bison beam ceiling. I couldn’t wait to brighten it up. Floor went blue, walls yellow and white - whatever we had lying about and slowly it has gone all white which is great as...
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    Toolchest restoration - good quality hardware?

    Agree with above steel wool and polishing machine is the way forward. Our local locksmith has made extra keys for existing locks when no key came with the box. Wide variety of handles on e bay
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    Sold SOLD Mitre trimmer £100

    Would not be too expensive to courier the rate for most couriers for parcels less than 1 metre long and under 30kg with insurance will be less than £15!
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    Sold SOLD Mitre trimmer £100

    Oops £100 will try and edit post, thanks
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    Sold SOLD Mitre trimmer £100

    Portable mitre trimmer, used to get perfect mitre joints on picture frames, beading, dado rails, skirting’s and door frames. The blade shears off thin shavings and the angle can be altered to suit unusual sizes. Cuts maximum of 4” high. (105mm) and 7” (107mm) wide Handle can be removed for...
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    Stupid accident

    I ran school workshops for nearly 20 years with no serious accidents - lots of minor abrasions/ splinters/ soldering iron burns but nothing else. I consider this to be a good record but it was due to a heavy emphasis on PPE and a positive expectation that everyone was thinking about working...
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    Spray (or other) glue

    How does cost of dye sublimation and heat pressing onto the boards work out? I know the initial cost is high and the maintenance can be a nightmare but if it’s for a church a local school or college or some other contact may be able to assist- just a thought as it eliminates the flue and...
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    Opinions on these ex-school workshop workbenches.

    I ran a workshop in a school with a lot of Lervard benches. - some long and some short. With plenty of space they were arranged either side of a central well which acted as a spine. They were a bit low and as a group useful for clamping big stuff across 2 or 3 benches using the dogs A single...
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    Sold Union machinists tool chest

    Yes small objects of desire I bought 2 recently then another 2 turned up Last week 🤞🙄🤣🤣 Obsession can be a dangerous thing!