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  1. toolsntat

    Best vintage Chisels

    It's all great saying that a saw can be used to make all the pocket cuts but do you not end up with 2 saw kerfs of gap on the best face ? Back cuts are ok with the saw but face cuts benefit from the slicing of the pocket chisel, dipped in water beforehand to help reform any out of place fibres...
  2. toolsntat


    Hi there i can't get to mine just at the moment but the large flywheel on it has a rubber surface bonded to it. Is yours just a steel surface? Cheers Andy
  3. toolsntat

    How to open a locked and broken upvc door?

    Perhaps I should add that just knowing how would be enough for me to proceed quite diligently but I understand that there's different types and likely different approaches to doing it. This is a young lady who lives on her own and I am just trying to prevent a "ripoff" scenario. A new door and...
  4. toolsntat

    How to open a locked and broken upvc door?

    Most likely to be the gearbox as the "lift to latch" is non existent and as a result the key won't go full circle. Cheers Andy
  5. toolsntat

    How to open a locked and broken upvc door?

    Unfortunately not. Cheers Andy
  6. toolsntat

    How to open a locked and broken upvc door?

    The gearbox has quite likely disintegrated. Before I buy a new door and frame is there a little trick to learn? It's fully latched. Cheers Andy
  7. toolsntat

    Best vintage Chisels

    W.H.Clay 1-1/4" Bevel edge
  8. toolsntat

    Tool identification

    As far as I can tell, it is an Ohio. Cheers Andy
  9. toolsntat

    The Oliver Machinery Co Ltd Patent Vice

    A very simple system with no screw thread to wear out. Pull, push, twist to lock and unlock. Cheers Andy
  10. toolsntat

    Researching C. Bayfield Infill Planemaker of Nottingham, England.

    Hey up there Ted, well I was up the same creek but without a plane until recently..... Nothing extra I know of but all being well in September I'll talk to David who collects them and see if he has any other snippets of information. Here's my poorly example... (bottom) Cheers Andy
  11. toolsntat

    Cheap Bandsaw Needs Repairing

    £25 looks like a bush needs making...
  12. toolsntat

    FTAGH Laburnum trunk

    All sorted and delivered. Cheers Andy
  13. toolsntat

    Paramo Vice Slipping

    Hi Alex, I'm assuming woodworking not engineers vice? From the pictures and your description of what's happening I'd say your past the point of no return with this halfnut and screw. Sometimes it can start to wear and jump if the bottom of the halfnut thread gets a bit gunked up and stops full...
  14. toolsntat

    FTAGH Laburnum trunk

    Hi Greg, sorry, I'll have to put in for second dibs chap, got a pm staking a claim at 2ish. Cheers Andy
  15. toolsntat

    FTAGH Laburnum trunk

    Quite a chunk of timber. Fresh cut last week. 48" x 6" diameter Pick up from junction of M69/A5 area or if you're quick and live very close I can drop it over. Cheers Andy