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    Words you just can't pronounce.

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    Blanchon Original Wood Environment

    Will we be seeing this project on YouTube by any chance, Steve?
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    Period timbers

    In edwardian houses, oak would oftentimes feature strongly as well
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    Photographing work in customers house - a violation or not?

    I wonder if saying that £15 is too much is just a bullying tactic to put you on the back foot from the start?
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    Which "Stanley" knife? Recommendations please.

    Like many here I have accumulated quite a few stanley knives over the years, but the one I like the best is the fatmax snap off model mainly because of its heft and greater length which feels good in the hand (of course, it can't take hooked blades which would be a problem for some):-...
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    Bridge City Hand Planes

    Thing is, stanley/ bailey more or less nailed it in terms of functionality but sometimes it's just nice to have nice stuff. Is my clifton No7 better than the stanley it replaced? No, but I get great pleasure from owning and using it. Having said that, I don't think I would ever want to own one...
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    Which 250mm siliding mitre saw?

    I have the makita and would recommend it assuming you're okay with the handle orientation. Dust collection is appalling tho'
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    Which 250mm siliding mitre saw?

    I cannot help but think that if you bought one with a max cut of 400mm you'd still want that extra 10mm. That'd be the case with me anyhow ☺
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    material for generial drawers

    Are generial draws a type of underwear?
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    do you own a festool baseball cap?

    I think stumpy used to be funnier back then (when this vid was made). Seems to take himself a lot more seriously these days.
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    do you own a festool baseball cap?

    I'm genuinely not sure what the point of this thread is. Are we taking the **** out of Festool, or stumpy nubs, both, or neither? As I say, this is a genuine question, not sarky or anything
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    Is this a Mathieson plane - update

    Flarty- this may be of passing interest:- https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-Math ... Sw2Xddqcr7
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    Where's Custard?

    He is much missed in these parts. Hope he's okay health-wise
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    Rosewood that destroys edges

    "I share the sentiment about telecasters, though. They look cheap compared to a guitar with a carved top. The first one I ever bought, I wanted to find something unlikeable about it because it looked cheap, but they sound great and they're really lively feeling, and they play well" I understand...