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    Another boot sale oil stone for identification

    Just wait until you want to use it - it's amazing how quickly how prices can rise in just a few days! :mrgreen:
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    Brand New Sorby Pro edge forum.

    Except for turning tools, when the last thing you want is multiple bevels.
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    Axminster TS250 for first table saw?

    And all without a blade guard or even pushsticks!!! :shock: :shock:
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    Metric or imperial - tempted to go retro

    And then after planing it turns out as roughly 44mm x 94mm! :roll: If you go into a timber merchant and ask for 2x4 PAR "planed all round" you'll get what I've said above. If on the other hand you really need it finished at 2x4 it will be planed from something larger!
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    Steve's workshop - Painting the outside walls

    Nothing from Steve since Sunday - do you think he's trapped under that RSJ?
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    Just ordered a new plane...

    There is a difference - mail order sellers shipping individual items usually use postal services or couriers, where weight is a major factor in shipping costs. You'll actually quite often see items on eBay (planes or turning blanks are good examples) where the shipping is as costly as the item...
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    Known around the Wycombe/Chilterns area as a "Bottomers Adze" - look at the seat of a Windsor chair to see why!
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    Old Infill Mitre Plane - Say HELLO to Harry...

    Funny you should say that. A few years ago myself a few of my family received a small inheritance from a distant relative who died intestate and the "Heir Hunters" who tracked us down gave us all a brief family tree showing our connection to the deceased. In that it described my Grandfather as...
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    Watching Norm NYW - is translation needed?

    Bugbear is right about books - the Collins "Complete Woodworkers Manual" is an excellent starting point for a beginner, as it covers a lot of basic stuff from how trees grow and types of wood, through principles of construction (chairs, tables, bookcases, drawer making etc.) through tools (hand...
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    Doctor Bob's Workshop open day 17th May

    Are you TOTALLY mad? If he does that, poor old Nathan will be getting "so when are we getting that new kitchen then?" For years and years and...............................
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    router table

    You could always contact Trend: http://www.trend-uk.com/en/UK/product/C ... _mk2_.html
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    Builders Merchants

    I'm always frightened to go into Wickes in case Ray Winstone comes along and "persuades" me to buy something! "Wickes - we've got our name on it". :shock:
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    MDF Moisture resistant or standard?

    You'd be near Filleigh then? I've got fond memories of some great cricket matches (and even more spectacular drinking) at North Molton! :shock:
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    woodwork tool kits

    One obvious question - how is the purchaser supposed to sharpen his shiny new chisels? And if you include a sharpening system which of the many that are available would you incorporate?
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    WIP - Pyramid Project

    I once built a "dirty" bench out of that and a top of pretty thick softwood after Mum stopped me stripping motor cycle engines and gearboxes on the Kitchen table! Mind you, I used to wait until she was out before I could wash the famous "Gunk" off in the Kitchen sink. :oops: