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    How to make this handle slot?

    Epoxy glue should be ok in the dishwasher but the wood will suffer. I’ve no doubt that it was being in the dishwasher that has been the cause of your current need to replace the handle.
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    LED lighting for workshop

    I’ve used daylight led battens in my garage/workshop with a mix of 4’ and 5’. These are arranged alternately 4,5,4,5 etc in a rectangle spaced 4’ off the wall in a 17’x26’ garage. Ceiling height is 10’6” and the walls and ceiling are painted white. I wired all the 4’ on one circuit and all the...
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    Anyone experienced with extra large workshop builds in a UK garden?

    For my sins I am a planning consultant, in NI, but the regulations are broadly the same. My best advice would be to design and secure a Certificate of Lawfulness for a PD building of the size you want, even though keeping within PD limits may result in cause engineering expense or compromises...
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    Wrist watch recommendations

    I’m glad that you at least know what it’s worth. Most collectors would probably have preferred it to have remained untouched by the RSC and had it serviced by an independent, like Simon Freese. Good for not allowing them to polish it or replace the dial.
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    Portable workbench

    I have one in use for years now. It’s half a narrow egg box door (left over from making doors into an eaves storage) with 1/2” ply on top and 3x1 PAR around the sides. Light, flat, rigid and pretty sturdy.
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    Couple of decorating Qs: old rad pipes, and filling plasterboard

    I have had to fill a significant number of large holes in the ceiling where older, large dia spotlights were removed when they were being replaced with new led versions in different locations. I used a tank/hole cutter to make the existing ragged holes larger and round, using a pre-cut plywood...
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    Wrist watch recommendations

    I’m just curious about what you’ve done with the ‘78 Roliie Sub. Surely you haven’t just chucked in a drawer?
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    Wrist watch recommendations

    I have far too many watches, probably 40 or 50, including a dozen Omega, plus IWC, Panerai etc. The one that gets the most regular use is a G-Shock, AWG M100. Solar, 6 Band, so never needs a battery and gets the time signal correction every night. For those who favour the Seiko SKX007 etc check...
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    How to prevent a garden deck sub-base from rotting

    Why not simply use a roll of dpc 100mm wider than the joists, giving 50mm each side to act as a drip rail? That should keep the joists dry.
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    Organiser cabinet

    And more similar cases here at a much better price (£13:35). Only 7 left apparently though. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Stanley-FatMax-1-97-519-Shallow-Organiser/dp/B004IZGXYK/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=stanley+shallow+organiser&qid=1615885733&sprefix=stanley+shall&sr=8-1
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    Colleague smashed top of my Festool CT Mini

    My main workshop vacuum is one bought in Lidl. It’s a Lavor Pro wet&dry and cost about £45 approx 10 years ago. The plastic has remained 100% intact for the simple reason of its shape. It has a rounded top with no protruding parts that could easily be broken. It has taken dogs abuse over the...
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    Need help improving Shop lighting

    To answer the OP. I can recommend LED batten lights. I bought a combination of 4ft and 5ft units and fitted them, alternately, in a rectangle, placed 4ft out from the white painted walls in my garage/workshop (ceiling height 10ft). The workshop is 17ft wide by 26ft long, so it’s a 4 + a 5 wide...
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    Small Workshop Vacuum

    As well as a Record Dx1000 for the table saw and bandsaw, I have a wet&dry vac with power outlet hooked up to my Makita mitre saw and I have to say it works very well. It runs through an eBay sourced cyclone fitted to the top of a sealed 30L barrel - one of these...
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    I don't think they would believe it nowadays?

    The UK version of Green Shield Stamps had no connection with the US version and was widely popularised by Tesco. When Tesco abruptly ceased its association with GS stamps, in order to survive, the company started to combine stamps and cash to purchase from its catalogue, before eventually...
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    Cheap digital, or quality dial ?

    I’m on my third set of cheapo digital. The first died, the second cannot be found and the third is approx a year in use now. However, all three ate/eat batteries at a serious rate. As far as accuracy is concerned I don’t have any issue. The current one needed to have the face of the jaws dressed...