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    New Workshop equipment

    Dont be put off by three phase stuff out there ..so long as the motors are " dual voltage " The build quality will be miles better than the newer "industrial hobby" level mostly single phase machines and be a fraction of the cost Large single phase motors can have a huge starting draw on some...
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    Why is cyclone extractor choice so limited here in England?

    Ive been researching Bill Pentz's cyclone design for a good while . theirs a fella on this side of the water that done a fantastic cyclone build WIP " ondablade " is the guys handle. The most difficult part to make is the impeller ,most don't chance it because of centrifugal forces damaging...
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    Best way to join thin/narrow pieces of wood?

    Hello If your making small boxes or components and the like out of solid wood It would be a good idea to get some fundamentals down Watch Rob Cosman make some components https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxIgNel0H_I Good luck Tom
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    3 Phase to Single Phase : Startrite 275 conversion

    Thanks Kinsella That gives me a better impression on how much juice a 12" tablesaw needs . My blade wobble question was mainly to do with shop-made zero clearance table inserts and the starting forces from the belts being on one side of the blade might nip the insert every time you turn the...
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    Saw and Chisel advice

    That saw looks nice ,Id take the rip saw but have not priced the competition. If you plan to make small intricate dovetails ,those chisels have lands (shoulders) that would bruise your work , I plan on grinding the lands down on most of my chisels , i.e ...the long bevels.. so it matches the...
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    3 Phase to Single Phase : Startrite 275 conversion

    Hey Kinsella Have you made a zero clearance insert for your saw since making the video? Im wondering if you noticed any blade deflection upon startup Looks like your making use of the soft start already....... Have you adjusted it more to accommodate for this or for your 13a plug ? Since...
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    woodworking bench vice but benchtop mount?

    Surprised no-one has mentioned the stumac guitar repair vices Stu mac sells two types ,There are duplicates of the red one for sale thats probably way cheaper than the US stu mac painted in green . They also sell an interesting looking adjustable ball vise with a boom ,but its quite...
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    Wadkin RS lathe for VFD

    Hello Looks like your motor is fixed wound in star for 440 volts and cannot be used in conjunction with a single phase supply . Maybe it could be rewound ? But it would probably cost more than buying a dual voltage motor . I would be looking for a dual voltage 220/240 V three phase motor for...
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    So much for so little

    Still haven't found what im lookin for ... Subconsciously missing the gentle sound of lapping with a worn in 1800 diamond stone Cant wait for more torture :roll:
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    Classical guitar repairs?

    Is it worth fixing ? If it truly has a solid top ,,, Check the edges of the soundhole north and south of the soundhole edge when guitar is standing upright for continuous grain lines ... I have seen many many laminate tops that would fool you, as the spruce veneer their using is thinner these...
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    lining for drawer bases to prevent tool rust.

    Ive heard of people using camphor in hand tool boxes ...(no idea what size of boxes in relation to the tools stored though) Once again this would be subject to the climate / relative humidity aswell Have not tried this method as i hate the smell of mothballs so its leather and oil for my tools...
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    purple heart chopping board joints failing

    I went back to the OLF forum and checked to see if i remembered correctly I doubted myself as the consensus seems to be acetone mostly but I did find a reference to denatured alcohol after a doing a quick search . Some say that it keeps bleeding even after its been wiped over and over and as...
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    purple heart chopping board joints failing

    When you glued up your pieces were they freshly planed ?.... Best practice with oily woods is to glue quickly before the oils come to the surface especially problematic with cocobolo Ive heard of people wiping alcohol on surfaces Interested to know what glue your using tom
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    improving my jet sharpener

    For what its worth I have a block of machined aluminum around the size of an oilstone that i rest against the side of the wheel then bump chisel/plane iron against it done it that way since i made a ball up of the 90 degree tool holder nib . ( might mod this piece in the future into a more...
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    Leather and Rust

    Hello For those who's interested in stitching some leather for your tools Ive had mixed results and would like to share ... Not having an adequate place to store tools ..this started me off and ive been having to doing so since about 3 years ago It seems multiple layers works best . I used...