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    Staining Oak venneered MDF question.

    You can also get Osmo polyx in tints, these also mix together, so you might get a colour match this way.
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    Cabinet doors that fold flat on the sides when open

    I think this is exactly what you need. - ... 13855/6617 If you look at the tech specs on the page it will show you how you need to build the cabinet to accommodate the doors I am sure you'll be able to use this system with a bi-fold door too.
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    Casement window wood selection

    I make built in furniture and kitchens so have little experience in external joinery, but the job I am doing at the moment requires a fairly complicated pivoting window. I am getting this made by an experienced joinery company and for all painted exterior joinery they recommend Timbmet's Red...
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    Some large wardrobes!

    When you supply and fit MDF furniture like this for the customer to paint, do you sand and prep all the edges for them? I had some friends who got some fitted mdf units and the edges were all left fluffy.... poor guys took months to paint it, and the edges still looked rubbish. Still, even if...
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    Alcove wardrobes help desperately needed

    You have a few options for joining your carcass pieces. As you have painted your units why not just screw them together with 30mm screws (presuming your carcasses are 18mm thick) and fill and sand the countersink. You can then overpaint for an invisible fixing. Alternatively you can get a...
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    glass coffee table/display cabinet which adhesive

    Why not make the top like a shaker style door, with the glass sitting in grooves all round? I would try and use those little rubber balls mentioned above too.
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    Good quality hidden drawer runners

    What's the discount? 400 hinges works out at nearly half price, but hnge to hinge, comparatively it's just pence. Nevertheless will probably start buying direct from Hafele.
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    Good quality hidden drawer runners

    Wow! those drawer runners are expensive. But not representative of all of Sds hardware. Their Hafele soft close hinges are the cheapet I've found.
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    Lifting MDF (or aaagghhh!!! backs gone pop!!)

    I have always found that manoeuvring 8x4s is all about a relationship with gravity and balance. Where possible keep them vertical and 'walk them on their corners. From this point it is also easy to get your hand in the middle of the board, and keeping your arm straight use it as a pivot point to...
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    Help me decide on a panel saw

    The wall saw was never really a choice, I feel I need a table saw because I make a lot of fitted furniture and sloping eaves demand mitres and bevels, which a wall saw will struggle with. also I want to be able to use the saw to cut rebates and so on. As for the Altendorf, the poster got in...
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    Help me decide on a panel saw

    The WA80 is the saw I would really like to get, but that one on ebay looks too good to be true. The seller says they are relocating to a smaller workshop, but the picture of the saw has other saws in the background. The saw is also in Cornwall, so quite hard to pop down and see it. Finding a...
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    Help me decide on a panel saw

    Hello all. I have recently acquired a fairly large farm unit with 3 phase power, so it's time to step up my furniture making business and buy a sliding table panel saw. I'm looking to get a quality used machine and have around 4.5k to spend. I am hoping one of you lot might have some...
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    Exported SU model lines are not ant aliased

    It would appear that the PDF export option is only available in the pro version. For Sketchup Make you'll have to stick to a high res JPG / PNG.
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    Exported SU model lines are not ant aliased

    There are 2 ways I have found to export better looking images in Sketchup. Go to Export, and choose export as 2D graphic. When exporting as a Jpeg there is an 'options' menu on the export page. Here you can beef up the resolution - if you make the width something like 3000 pixels you should...
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    Kity 609 combination saw/spindle moulder

    It certainly looks the part. I think I might try and have a go on it as its only 10 miles away. What do you think the ball park for one these is?