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    K5 planer replacement blades?

    I can supply you with cmt Orange or stehle bot are very good quality knives if you let me know the size and qty fitted I can send you a exact price
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    table saw slow start up

    Being a small 10" machine I'm assuming it's single phase. If this is the case a a over tightened belt will make struggle to start due to the low torque from the motor. Having said that I would remove the belt completely and ensure everything is free running I.e the spindle I would then start it...
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    Online tooling shop

    I haven't uploaded that page yet as I'm currently working on it
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    Online tooling shop

    Thank you The tool shop is in addition to the engineering service I have been offering for 5 yrs now. Before that I was a service engineer with wadkin Most of the tooling I sell at the moment is to my existing service customer base but I would like to expand the tooling side as I can't really...
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    Online tooling shop

    Ok This morning I have gone through with my good wife and spell checked the entire site. As for shop content what items would you guys like so see added next. At the moment I intend to list the remainder of the 40mm euro knives (about 100 to go) and the add the 50mm euro cutters (around...
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    Online tooling shop

    Thank you both I will have look at the spelling and grammar tomorrow. feedback is important to me whether it's good bad or indifferent
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    Online tooling shop

    Hi Guys Im not sure if Im allowed to post this on here so I apologise in advance if I'm breaking the forum rules. I just wanted to announce our new online tooling shop at http://www.tjwoodms.co.uk/ourshop/ At the moment there are roughly 1800 items online with a further 13000 is to add over...
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    should i buy a wadkin bao/s planer thicknesser

    the baos is just about the best machine of that size ever built the only real weakness it the feed gearbox can go but the parts are still availiable at reasonable prices also i have seen a couple that have managed to shear the feed motor shaft both of these problems require the machine to be...
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    Wadkin Planer

    the last brake i fitted came direct from dold and cost around £250. Fairly easy to fit you may be better off going for a new starter and brake as i have had problems in the past with the combo of new and old switch gear. Make sure you fit it on a wel it on protected area of the machine as i have...
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    wadkin crosscut

    Many of the prisons have joinery shops for prisoner rehablititation. the machines are usually well cared for and not worked very hard. they are also fully serviced every six months it used to be done by wadkin before they went pop. Im not sure who looks after the contract now. I used to find it...
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    Robland SD510 planer / thicknesser

    the wadkin BTS 500/630 had a mechanical counter that was accurate as well as powered rise/fall you can get a good one for between 3-4k. These are far stronger than the robland. And give a really good finish. but if you want the didital read out it narrows your options as not many manufacturers...
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    Robland SD510 planer / thicknesser

    The robland machines are a decent machine for the money certainly no better or worse than scm/griggio but not as good as a wadkin/dominion. Yes the panel saws do go out of square but its easy to re-adjust. one of roblands weak points is the switch gear seems to be a bit fragile (if you have...
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    startrite feed issues!

    Its difficult to say without seeing whats going on. A common problem i come accross on thicknessers is operators tend to increase the spring preasure when they are having problems feeding which causes more friction in the bed and makes it harder to feed the machine. Try backing off the preasure...
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    sedgwick or felder

    olly what you have failed to take into account is a wadkin BEM that you used has likely 30yrs ish of heavy use and still going strong the felder will not last anywhere near that length of time. for example most good old fassioned heavy cast machines will will run for 20/30 yrs before they...
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    second hand machine dealer in the southwest

    theres mjm in bristol and also appleford one of these guys im told has retired but im not sure which one. I have seen quite a few mjm sold machines around ive not seen a bad one yet. Not so many appleford machines.