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  1. Tim Nott

    Danish oil

    Right I have given the dining table I made thirty years ago five coats of the bloody stuff and it's still patchy. Dull patches surrounded by unpleasantly glossy ones. So, how do I get rid of this and go back to varnish? Is there a stripper for danish oil?
  2. Tim Nott

    Joke thread

    A friend has 2 tickets in a corporate box for the England v Italy game on Sunday. He paid £3000 each, but he didn't realise when he bought them months ago that it was going to be the same day as his wedding! If you are interested, he is looking for someone to take his place... It's at Nottingham...
  3. Tim Nott

    Car purchasing advice UK

    "...hard alloy forging, turdy and durable..." Holy dung!
  4. Tim Nott

    Confused about screws

    If you are using a powered driver, slotted screws are nearly impossible to drive - the bit slips outof the slot. Pozidriv (for wood) or Phlips (for metal) are better but can still jump out the screw socket. Torx, which I've used for at least 15 years are far superior, with a non slip parallel...
  5. Tim Nott

    Joke thread

    Who made the original round table? Sir Cumference
  6. Tim Nott

    Joke thread

    The colonel, inspecting the troops, says "Private Smith, I didn't see you at camouflage practice today." "Thank you sir."
  7. Tim Nott

    Floating stairs

    I want to build a floating staircase, with ash treads and a central sectional steel spine. Does anyone know where I can get the steel sections from? I haven't had any luck with Google - only complete sets of stairs seem to be available.
  8. Tim Nott

    Re-finishing a table

    Thanks, Percy. I was thinking of using Danish oil as it is light coloured and easily repairable. I'm not familiar with Osmo - is it a similar thing?
  9. Tim Nott

    Re-finishing a table

    I have a maple dining table that I made around 1990. Originally it was finished with a sprayed pre-cat lacquer, but has since been re-done with V33 water-based kitchen and bathroom varnish, bought here in France. This has worn badly and there are now several bare patches. Any suggestions for a...
  10. Tim Nott

    What woodworking book to buy first?

    Not very practical to start with, but wonderfully inspirational, Alan Peters - Cabinet Making - the Professional Approach.
  11. Tim Nott

    Random Orbital Sander

    Many thanks for all the replies, and Wallace's kind offer. Think I am sorted now!
  12. Tim Nott

    Starter for Startrite 352 bandsaw.

    Thanks very much - I have a suitable meter so will start from there.
  13. Tim Nott

    Random Orbital Sander

    Any one know what the Velcro-like stuff on the pad of a ROS is, and where it can be obtained? I have a Bosch GEX125 1AE, which has seen little use, and the stuff is worn so it no longer grips the sandpaper discs which go flying off across the workshop. Short of buying an entire new pad (around...
  14. Tim Nott

    Stripping a table

    I have a maple dining table that I made a long time ago, and it needs refinishing. The last time this was done was with a water-based kitchen and bathroom varnish. What does the team think is the best way of stripping this? I am reluctant to try heavy sanding as there is a band of inlay.
  15. Tim Nott

    Starter for Startrite 352 bandsaw.

    I have a Startrite 352 bandsaw and the (separate) starter is buggered - it blows the tripswitch when plugged in to the 3-phase supply. I'm having trouble finding out what capacity of starter to buy to replace it - anyone have any ideas?