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    Femi tools.

    Thanks, I'm pretty set on the makita mitre saw but I have looked and their workshop tools look good and affordable.
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    Femi tools.

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    Femi tools.

    Thanks have reduced in price a lot since I've lived here but only if it's what you want ,makita track saw is cheaper here but festool is over 100 more expensive I've come to the point where all my tools need renewing or upgrading hope it's not the cars next.
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    Femi tools.

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    Femi tools.

    That sounds great thanks , I could get it delivered to my dad to bring over.cheers.
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    Femi tools.

    Which makita would you look at. I would like the bigger blade but I had a dewalt 216 mm mitre saw for the last 10 plus years and rarely needed anything bigger but it would be nice.
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    Femi tools.

    Thanks james ,I'm in France and race tools sell the femi tools and deliver with no extra taxes.the femi mitre saws techs are comparable with ebauer but it's the first time I've even heard of femi tools.
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    Femi tools.

    Does anyone know anything about the quality femi tools.I would like to compare their 254mm mitre saw to erbauers as they are similar price range and in my budget.thanks for any info.tim.
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    Just delivered

    Just got the saw it bought from fatman g. Great condition very pleased. Tim l.
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    Garden Fencing

    Hi chris.did you want to keep the concrete post and gravel boards because they are on good condition?
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    Dewalt Dwe560 circular saw SOLD

    Looks good will definitely have it.I've pm you Glen. Cheers tim l.
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    French casement meeting stiles?

    I am not a window maker but I do have traditional French windows. Mine that are 1960s have the hollow and round detail Jacob wrote about and the more modern one have a slightly more detailed moulding but works in the same way.both are very good and we have no draughts. Obviously ours open inward...
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    Wood moisture meters - without knowing species?

    Aldi have one for 9.99.go to the homepage and search in tools.I might get one it might be useful at that price.
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    So What's In Your (Star Trek) Mug?

    My missus will kill me (she's a si fi nerd )isn't that Dr who?
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    Roof flue to finish off

    You just need to get some tile and a half tiles to give you extra span .look at your gable end and finish it like that, maybe a bit of undercloak and pug it up.