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    Hideaway steps

    searching on youtube found this
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    Hideaway steps

    that looks amazing, not sure how sturdy it would be though?
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    Joint help.

    maybe you need to have a look at the wood you are using then, in terms of how it is stored, sourced, seasoned, run a moisture meter over etc. Also maybe a sealing coat on the inside of the cabinet might help to minimise movement. I'd do a whole bunch of test pieces and see what makes things...
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    Joint help.

    as others have said, it seems like this is an innevitable trait of wood. if you are not keen on mdf or ply, which I can see would complicate the roundover, I wonder if you could use a covering with a bit more bounce (like adding underlay to carpet) that would compensate for (hide) the movement
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    pilot drill recommendations please

    thank you Ttrees, I do use a centre punch normally when drilling metal, and my go to drill bit for wood work is a lip and spur bit which does the centre punching for you. obviously a 2mm bit with a spur is not going to happen readily. I think that the problem is normally user error on my...
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    pilot drill recommendations please

    I seem to have developed a real talent for snapping pilot bits recently, can anyone recommend a brand / type of bit 2mm and 2.5mm that holds up well, maybe with the ability to take a slight flex before they snap? preferably affordable and easily sourced from screwfix and the like. Thank you
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    The cost of a microwave on standby

    I have turned our microwave off at the switch for years, it has just become habit. I also (pretty much) never leave the telly on standby and I try to not leave lights on if I'm not in the room. it is not that I am massively environmental, I just don't see any real benifit of leaving things on...
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    Einhell tools

    I have an einhell reciprocating saw, which does the job ok, and I was quite happy until the last time I used it I noticed the battery kept on vibrating its way loose. I think einhell are reasonable value for the money, and now I've got the batteries I'd pick up another bare unit or two (if they...
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    Storage Crates

    I have a few really useful boxes in various (mostly unheated) spots for a few years, no issues yet with brittleness. definately the best storage boxes i've come across to date (though I do rate the fatmax deep pro organisers, as per spectric's recommendation above, but not quite comparable)...
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    Help please - "tool" gone "all sticky" outside

    this has happened to a tape measure I had, i was able to paint over it with a clear varnish, it has brought it back into service but it looks a bit rubbish. Also had a garden weeder/scrapper with a rubber finish that seemed to turn to mush overnight. Scrapped it all off with difficulty, I...
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    Cheap Scarifier?

    I have a mantis, which runs on petrol, has interchangeable heads that act as edger / scarifier / rotivator / aerator and does a pretty good job but is horrible to use - it stinks (petrol and oil fumes get into your clothes) and it shakes you to the bones as you wrestle it across the lawn...
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    Shelves in odd-shaped alcoves....

    that's a fair point
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    Shelves in odd-shaped alcoves....

    assuming vaguelly flat surfaces, I would get a pair of bevel gauges (Adjustable Carpentry Square Bevel Gauge Sliding Bevel 9 Inch Hardwood Handle Stainless Steel Blade Ruler T Bevel Angle Finder Craft Bevel Tool for Craftsman Carpenter Architect Engineer Woodworking : DIY & Tools...
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    Mitre saw

    not trying to be flippant but for that job I'd save your money and do it with a handsaw. The benefit of a mitre saw is identical repeatable cuts which it doesn't sound like you will being doing if you are expecting wonky walls. I have an evolution mitre saw, broadly speaking the same sort of...
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    What is this drill bit used for please?

    i agree with clogs, a pocket hole bit, normally used with a depth stop and pocket hole jig