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    Myford M4 Lathe. - refurbishment

    I now have the shaft I have been asked to cut for a friend. (Honest) Quite a bit of damage. This the Bench Motor Unit MA97 or MA97a for the Myford ML4. So, what type of metal should I use as a replacement? I was thinking mild steel! The rational behind this is he would like to fit bearings to...
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    Myford M4 Lathe. - refurbishment

    Thank you everyone. Fergie 307, it is the shaft from the upright casting which the motor attaches. However, friend delivered shaft and hasn't let me see the rest of the components yet, that is why I was researching previous refurbishing sites. Once I get the parts I will post photos so what I...
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    2" x 72" UK?

    Look online for Gun Dog Forge (Gundog Forge ) . I too was looking for a 72 x 2 inch and they worked out very expensive for good quality and import tax, to cheap and dubious. I did consider making one from drawings. However, I recently purchased one from Gun Dog Forge and I have nothing but...
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    Myford M4 Lathe. - refurbishment

    Thanks Gordon. Got good information from that site.
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    Myford M4 Lathe. - refurbishment

    First post on the site. Delighted to see so many people with the same passion for tools and blether. I am helping an old friend refurbish his 1941 (?) Myford M4 metal Lathe. My first task is to cut a new shaft for the drive pulley. Anyone have experience and/or any advice? I have gleaned a...