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    Advice needed Boxford Union Pillar Drill (UPDATE)

    Not really, its so easy to change on a drill like this there's no advantage. Link belts are great when they save you pulling gearboxes apart to swap a belt, but they are expensive. Heat, oil and a crowbar will get the motor plate moving, once its out clean the bores out as best as possible...
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    Wadkin RS Lathes

    I'll get the tag number from mine later. None of the wadkin books I've seen mention having their own foundry - and as they bragged about everything else they had I'm sure they would have mentioned it! Green lane works was a machining and assembly shop as far as I know. As leicester had so many...
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    Advice needed Boxford Union Pillar Drill (UPDATE)

    Search ebay for flexible metal conduit - 16mm is available. Does the cable gland go through the butchered bit of the box? If so I think the route I would take is to cut the damaged side neat and square, drill a piece of sheet metal for the gland, trim it to fit and epoxy it into place. Possibly...
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    Sharpening: A serrated knife?

    At work we have to use "safeblade" knives for cutting insulation. Too many morons stabbed themselves with kitchen knives so they invented a laggers knife to keep the HSE happy. It does stay sharp for a long time considering its used to cut compressed rockwool. Fastest way of resharpening it I've...
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    Adventures in metalwork and machine restoration!

    So, returning to the bandsaw blade guide. Went with the braze buildup option. Tig brazing went fairly well, wish I'd done it with the oxy acetylene but I didn't have flux. Mainly because it would have been a lot quicker! Today I machined it back into shape. Had to cut a block of aluminium to fit...
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    Adventures in metalwork and machine restoration!

    Finally had a day to get stuff done in the workshop. My next door neighbour came round and gave me a hand with the spinning lathe control panel. I'd worked out where everything went but the 5 wires to the control panel. He's a genius with industrial electronics and it took him a good while to...
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    Idea: How to Search for an Air Compressor

    You are being quite condescending mate. I understand that's probably a side effect of being an engineer but you might want to calm it down a tad. As someone who sat at the back of the class with the lame brains I'd like to think I'm an outlier for your theory.
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    How many poles in a motor?

    I know it's possible to repair, but given the cost of a second hand motor I'm not even going to think about it. Needs to be a sealed motor as well due to the grinding environment it's for. I opened it up and just ended up going round in circles (literally) and confusing myself trying to work...
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    Idea: How to Search for an Air Compressor

    If you want ultimate ooooomph and quiet, get a hydrovane. I got one at work, it's quiet enough that you can hold a conversation next to it. Cost me £350 and all I had to do was service it.
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    Adventures in metalwork and machine restoration!

    Is that the boxy looking one? If so I'd see if you can find a friendly fab shop who could fold one up for you. If it's the pressed rounded one then I've no idea, other than keep watching ebay! Sorry. I tend to sell most spare parts I get as 1, it gets them back out there and fixing machines up...
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    Adventures in metalwork and machine restoration!

    There are a couple of similar ones - could be a boley?
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    CPX Carbide Inserts - holder required

    Be careful what holder you buy - I don't think CPX is the code for the insert. Most I've come across are a 4 letter code, like CNMG or CCMT. There's plenty of charts out there to ID what you have like this.
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    How many poles in a motor?

    I picked up a powered work head from a surface grinder today. The motor has been cracked, and the name tag is missing. Need to know what speed motor to get to replace it and everything I can find online says "look at the nameplate" or "run it and find out". As both of these options are...
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    Which brand of air nailer?

    I've got a makita 18g and the pinner. Both fantastic and so cheap that to me it wasn't worth buying a cheapo one.
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    Increase loft space

    architects are very good at thinking things are feasible as long as you're paying them.