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    Airless and HVLP sprayers..problems

    It's the pressure sensor that is causing the problem. Any parts suppliers for airlessco over your way lads that might have this part at a good price?? Thanks
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    Airless and HVLP sprayers..problems

    :shock: :shock: Pressure sensor is €160+vat and a PCB is €320+vat
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    Airless and HVLP sprayers..problems

    I have checked brushes and plugs. Any connections that I could check I have. Beats me now anyway!!
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    Airless and HVLP sprayers..problems

    Yeah I have done this also and its still the same....
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    Airless and HVLP sprayers..problems

    Thanks Dibs for your reply. I took it apart right down to the piston and gave it a thorough clean. It's still the same as regards the motor cutting out. Would it be electrical??
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    Airless and HVLP sprayers..problems

    Hello guys. I have an airlessco lp400 airless sprayer. Problem with this is that when I switch it on the motor will give a bit of turn and then stop. Anybody have an idea as to what the problem is?? I also have an accuspray 10 hvlp spraygun that is leaking at the back of the needle housing in...
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    My Christmas Video to you all recording

    Good man DW. All the best to you and yours over the holidays. I am f***en pineappled. To much poteen I think lads. Awe man I will have some head on me tomorrow....
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    Cambournepete has a house!

    Good man pete. Best of luck
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    Wide plank floor

    Yep..nail it to the concrete...... Would be better to stick it down I'd say
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    Hi from new member

    Hello mike. Welcome to the forum
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    Secret Squirrel

    We have a bounty for every grey caught. 3 euros per grey.
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    A warm Christmas at last

    Best of luck with it Alan. I'm sure it will work out fine.
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    Secret Squirrel

    Hehehehehe. That's brilliant!!
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    Can anyone comment on the Dewalt DW745 Compact Table Saw

    A friend of mine bought one and as soon as I've tried it I'll let you know. I'm sure some of the lads will be on here to help you out in the meantime...
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    Mahogany or Sapele

    Another vote for sapele..