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    Fitting skirtings

    I agree, scribe internal and mitre external. Far neater and stable finish. That was the way I've been taught by a time served shop fitter....
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    Pontoon posts?

    Otherwise (no where near as pretty) I've seen scaffold poles driven in to the bed....
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    Pontoon posts?

    Is the jetty in salt or freshwater? Greenheart would traditionally be used in coastal locations for this kind of structure although oak sleepers would probably be fine in freshwater.
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    Flat roof for workshop?

    If you want to build without pp and are thinking of staying under 2.5m to do so I think you may have a problem with your floor area which I understand to be restricted to 15m2?
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    Crown guard

    Rob, Matmoore is saying the blade is guarded....just not by a crown guard attached to the top of the riving knife as can be found with most cheap table saws like my TS-200. First thing I did with mine when I got it was rig a new floating cantilevered crown guard so I could deep rip/cross cut.
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    Cheap Cheap Table Saws

    Just got the axminster TS-200 full kit and have been very impressed with it, took about 2 hours to put the whole kit together but the basic saw is ready made up. I managed to rip some 2x50mm redwood edging with the first cut and whilst it doesn't quite have the capacity of the 10" cheaper saws...
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    MDF Edges

    Make sure that you rip your boards with a suitable fine saw, sand edges down to 320grit and apply a coat of shellac on the edges before one more pass with the abrasive. It's always worked for me from DIY mdf to the likes of Medite, the better the quality board the less finishing you will have...
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    router for fancy skirting boards

    Looks like you need to find someone with a cnc! They will be able to knock out something like that in minutes and could probably manage decent lengths depending on the machine. Alex
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    wood ID?

    Looks like sapele to me, my laptop is sat on a block of it right now. Al
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    Possible Opportunity

    Hi Stuart, PM Sent Regards, Alex Price
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    Skirting board - tools and tips?

    Hi Vormulac, There is a pretty good page of advice on the homebuilding website based in the uk, apologies for no link but I can't post them yet..... I would just add that having completely replaced the skirting boards in the last two houses I have owned I would steer clear of softwood profiles...
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    2/3rds gate

    I'm a newbie so this might be a terrible suggestion and all of the previous posts seem like good suggestions but what about making three gates each taking up 1/3rd of the opening but only having one as an opener, that way you can keep the symmetry? Alex