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  1. SVB

    Finish over Sharpie

    To avoid the bleed issue all together, have you considered marking with pyrography? even if you don’t currently have a kit, the simple soldering iron type can be had for less than a tenner and hot wire kits start from about £35 for the cheap Far East machines (which are ok actually, that is...
  2. SVB

    Junk experiment

    Like Woodturning a claymore!
  3. SVB

    Chestnut products ‘Woodturning Weekender’

    How many on here are going to Chestnut products ‘wood turning weekender’ in person or on line? We’re going on person as the last one pre COVID was superb and cheap as chips in terms of value. some details below but I think more from their website. simon.
  4. SVB

    For Sale Munroe Hollower

    Bargain for someone - the best hollower out there imho!
  5. SVB

    Sold Robert Sorby Proedge System

    Sorry. Now sold.
  6. SVB

    Turning oval knobs/handles

    I’d turn it round, then shape as you say. Could turn it with multiple centres but likely to need some hand finishing anyway and probably easiest to get closest match by disc sander anyway. If you had 100s to do then maybe different story but for a couple I’d accept the hand work path.
  7. SVB

    For Sale Tormek Jigs for sale

  8. SVB

    Sold Robert Sorby Proedge System

    Proedge system for sale. Also included: 1x Skew Jig 1x Fingernail gouge jig 1x Standard Gouge Jig System itself in good working order Fitted with fine belt, also blue (zirconium?) 60 grit course belt also included. I don’t have original box / packaging so will need to be collected from...
  9. SVB

    ‘Seascape’ piece - wip

    Decided to include some seaweed and I think it was right decision as somehow seems to ‘pull it all together’ to my eye anyway. Next step is the fun bit - colouring in! Simon
  10. SVB

    ‘Seascape’ piece - wip

    Too hard to draw!
  11. SVB

    For Sale Tormek Jigs for sale

    Tormek gouge and multi-tool jig for sale. Complete with scraper holder for gouge jig and v base for multi-jig. Minor ‘overgrinding’ mark on ‘cheeks’ of gouge jig - do not effect use but mention for awareness. £75 for both, collection from GL6 or happy to post at buyer’s cost.
  12. SVB

    ‘Seascape’ piece - wip

    That’s just what my daughter said - may have to fit one in somehow!
  13. SVB

    Carbide question

    i’ve used standard HSS on aluminium, copper and silver will good results. Something else may be going on here if you’re dulling tools quickly. also I’m not sure carbide is best choice depending on cutter geometry as it may not be as ‘sharp‘ to begin with and therefore more prone to galling up...
  14. SVB

    ‘Seascape’ piece - wip

    Bit more progress today. Still thinking about need for some seaweed - I think so to give context to the fish.
  15. SVB

    ‘Seascape’ piece - wip

    New project taking shape - “seascape”. Inspired by watching a Mike Hosaluk demo and leaving it in back of my mind to muse for a year or two! So far I’ve turned a simple footed bowl (Mark Hancock - this was one of the extra pieces of wet syc’y from one of your Jamie charity days!), and...