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    Using acrylics

    Hi D - yep, what kinverkid said: seal, lightly sand (if you can get in the groove), and then put on your paint. You can use either finish you mention, but if the colour is only a narrow band and the rest of the rim is natural wood I prefer wax on the natural wood. You could seal the paint with a...
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    Sad news for Woodturning

    This is such sad news. My thoughts are with his family and friends. Mark was a great ambassador for woodturning and gave so freely with his advice and expertise. He will be greatly missed.
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    The Toolpost

    NOOOOO! Hope this isn't so....
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    How many active turners remain in UKWorkshop ?

    Yep...still turning, Blister - but need to be more active in UK Workshop!
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    Manual for a CL3 Lathe

    I have one...can email it to you...
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    Feathered bowl

    A very nice bowl, Derek!
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    First hollow form

    That looks very nice - clearly a lot learnt and very well executed!
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    Monkey puzzle

    Hi Carolyn I'm sure turners in that part of the country would love some - it makes the most amazing bowls where the branches come out of the trunk. I'll be in Bristol at the end of March and would love a piece if any is left by then! Cheers Stewart
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    Hollow forms and pot.

    Fabulous work - and great finishing! I especially like the colours on the collar of the top hollow form. Gorgeous all round though!
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    Chestnuts weekend 2020 - anyone going from here?

    Haha...even more time to think of some top quality heckles! Hope to see you at the weekender too.
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    Chestnuts weekend 2020 - anyone going from here? missed your chance, Derek: I'm not doing any demos at this year's one....I'll be joining in with any heckling from the comfort of a seat in the audience!
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    Chestnuts weekend 2020 - anyone going from here?

    Yep - I'm going and looking forward to it very much!
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    Angels and Miners

    Very nice, Derek - love the finish! Superb!!
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    Chestnut Burr

    Great looking bowl, Derek - can't beat a lovely curve on natural edged burr!
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    LV Box

    Very nice, Derek - you've got to be pleased with that. What gorgeous wood. Great box!